Published on Dec 13, 2012

Whole Earth Healing Radio, w/ CJ Miller, brings you a more Holistic Perspective on the Earth and the Cosmos, with Interviews and Discussions with some of Today’s Most Inspiring Minds. On 12/11/12 Franco DeNicola joins us to speak about this poignant time in the Shift…..12/12/12 and Beyond! Franco DeNicola is an amazing Spiritual Teacher and Speaker who provides hope, inspiration, and brilliant tools for so many human beings embracing the Consciousness Shift on the Planet today. Franco is a fully Unified Soul who has completed his Soul Enlightenment Process through the human experience. He chose to reincarnate on the earth in the late 50’s in order to be here at a time period when we as humans would be more open to experiencing his message. Franco DeNicola is here to assist with the Shift of 2012 and Beyond. Franco is not only a Speaker, but he also gives Consultations for individuals and groups, performing guided meditations and clearings, as well as providing guidance and insight with the nuts and bolts of life as they affect our relationship to ourselves and all others. This was a fabulous interview covering so many aspects of the Shift and Our Current Challenges here on earth, as members of the Greater Galactic Family. We are so grateful for Franco’s message, his energy and his infinite generosity of spirit. You may find out more about Franco DeNicola and what he offers, with links to his audio materials, by visiting him on the web at You may also find links to my archived radio shows and more information about Claudia “CJ” Miller at Thank you for listening! Much Love and LIght to all. Namaste.