Chapter 8 out of soul truth


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Education books“We are twelve Archangels here as mentors, guides, teachers for the evolution of consciousness for humanity. It is a time of grand transition and evolution of consciousness that allows for all individuals to come into the wholeness of their being, to integrate their soul in its totality and to express that upon this planet.” –THEO

Sheila and Marcus Gillette invite you to personally experience the twelve Archangels known as THEO, who speak through Sheila, a world renowned spiritual medium and author. By receiving their messages into our hearts, we can begin to recognize and eliminate the old patternings and ways of being that simply no longer work. The new ways are now being revealed that richly reward those who seek to explore an accelerated path of spiritual development which THEO teaches called Soul Integration.

“We cannot interfere in your life path. We cannot control you. That is why it is stated through the asking it is given. When you ask for your angelic presence to assist you along your way we are standing ready to do such.”-THEO


Theo (a group of 12 Archangels)
In 1969, Sheila Gillette nearly died from a pulmonary embolism suffered after the birth of her third child. The Doctors were preparing Sheila’s family for her death when Jesus appeared before her and said remember child you are loved. In the months that followed this near-death incident, she started to experience various types of psychic phenomenon and soon began trance channelling first a nonphysical entity by the name of Orlos and then a consortium of twelve archangels collectedly known as Theo. Theo began speaking through her in 1975, and since that time, Sheila has been sharing her abilities with radio, television, and live audiences throughout the United States and Europe as the direct voice channel for THEO. Since 1997,Sheila’s husband, Marcus Gillette, has partnered Sheila in moderating/facilitating live THEO gatherings throughout the United States. Together, they host The Theo group Internet radio show and maintain the multimedia website www Ask They have also spoken before several businesses, communities, and non-profit organisations and currently offer workshops across the nation. They live in Colorado.