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The Astrology of the Black Moon: A Guide to Healing the Shadow Side (2011)


There has been a missing piece in astrology – the planet the ancients called Tiamat. This lost planet was located between Mars and Jupiter and though its shattered remains exist today as the Asteroid Belt, the planet maintains astrological cohesion as the Black Moon. Hidden in the shadows and mired in misconceptions, the Black Moon holds the key to pinpointing our shadow side – the fractured part of our psyches that harbors a primary fear and keeps us locked in repetitive, unconscious, self-sabotaging cyles of behavior. The Black Moon goes even further, showing us our transits of personal “death” and “rebirth,” the fundamental way we judge ourselves and others, and how we know true love. This sequel to Eris enables us to complete our understanding of our solar system’s astrology and re-connect the missing piece of ourselves.



Eris: Archetype of Shadows, Crisis & Awakening at the Completion of the Mayan Calendar (2007)


Out of the darkness, a new planet emerges. Just as Uranus’ discovery accompanied the Industrial Age, Neptune’s sighting escorted Spiritualism, and Pluto’s detection signaled the Atomic Age, the discovery of the new planet Eris heralds the idea of Oneness through the integration of our personal and collective shadows. She portends the necessity to recognize, confront, and balance the dualities represented by a shadow that has come into the world through greed, terror, chaos, and control. Eris takes you on a pilgrimage to identify and balance your personal shadow, as well as awaken to and heal our collective shadow.

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