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Join Maria Owl and Duane Michael for a weekly collaboration on focused global lightwork.
We do this work through a co-created 5th Dimensional non-temporal reality sphere. We will be working multi-dimensionally, so please make sure you’re grounded and hydrated before the call.
These 30 to 40 minute podcasts include:
1. What is the current mission?
2. Download on why we’re focusing here (given by the higher dimensional helpers.)
3. Invoke protection
4. Lightwork from a 5th Dimensional outside time/space bubble.
5. Where to focus for the week.
Because everything is connected, our lightwork serves to elevate the world, and also our own lives.
* This is a “directed” call by Maria and Duane, meaning there is no engagement between participants and the hosts.
Just call in and participate energetically in your beautiful, unique way.