In a quantum universe, magic is not the exception but the rule.

Arjuna Ardagh
These essences are HIGHLY complex and contain over 1700 encodements along with over 40 flowers, minerals, crystals, and more.

Purchase the set of 8 essences at a special price of $144.00

Each essence may be purchased individually for $22 per 1/4 oz bottle.
This remedy moves you through alienation, giving you impetus to take action, increase enthusiasm, and ultimately augment vitality that was depleted from birth trauma. Highly supportive in facing your unrealized shadow side, deep soul pain, and hopelessness.
Words to focus on: Impetus, take action, enthusiasm, vitality, face shadow self, heal soul pain, and hopefulness.
Aligns your body with the love pulse of nature itself. Washes away patterns of self-punishment, guilt, and shame while removing soul memories of abuse. Restores soul force and integration with the entire body construct, realigning distorted incarnations. Assists in stepping into your spiritual self fully, comprehending the birth-death cycles and embracing maturity with dignity. Promotes more of an expanded heart-centeredness, feeling a higher state of consciousness and the importance of the greater good of the whole versus individual needs concept.
Words to focus on: Alignment, nature, release self-punishment, liberate yourself from guilt/shame, heal abuse, soul force, integration, spiritual self, birth/death cycles, dignity, maturity, heart expansion, higher consciousness, greater good of the all.
This remedy coaxes you through opening yourself up to more social contact and intimacy with friends and loved ones. Allows you to release the need to be hard and defensive in order to feel safe and protected. Heals soul shattering and the patterns of self-judgment, adversity, and disruption. Ignites a vital spark within once again.
Words to focus on: Open up, healthy social contact, intimacy, soften, trust, recognize your own space, release patterns of self-judgment, adversity, and disruption, ignite, vital spark.
The essence helps you with the tendency to avoid daily life and remain ungrounded and unpresent. Heals uneasiness regarding fears of the future and the need to blot yourself out due to anxiety and despair. Provides courage to be oneself instead of running away from who you think you are or should be. Increases connection with nature and life itself.
Words to focus on: Embrace life, be grounded and present, feel at ease, release fears, positive sights for the future, relaxation, tranquility, at peace, know all is well, courage, authenticity, individuality, connectedness with life, acknowledge the Divine Plan.
This remedy reconnects you to your spiritual destiny and life purpose. Strengthens your soul force, transforming crises into opportunities. Opens your awareness to connections that enrich your walk and foster your life purpose. Heals core childhood relationships by releasing undefined sadness stored within the soul. Enhances forgiveness of self and others.
Words to focus on: Spiritual destiny, life's purpose, strength, soul force, transformation, see opportunities, awaken, enrich your journey, self-awareness, heal inner child, release undefined sadness stored, forgiveness.
Clears negativity absorbed from those around you. Cleanses the heart of impure intentions. Decreases overwhelm, hardened heart forces, and creative blocks. Helps you to become more aware and more comfortable with the other aspects of your being. Opens you up to receive more joy in the moment.
Words to focus on: Clear negativity, clarity, clarification of external emotions, influences, pure intentions, cleanse emotions, nurture, decrease overwhelm, soften heart forces, eradicate blockages, more awareness of yourself, comfortable in your own skin, joyous.
This coaxes you to surrender the need to be dependent on others. Promotes finding the silver lining in the most difficult situation. Unfreezes judgment, anger, resentment and self-sabotage. Increases fine-tuning of discernment skills. Raises confidence in navigating through this game we call life. Helps you develop a solid conscience and increases respect for yourself and others. Motivates you to embrace gratitude with whatever life brings your way while healing violations and injustices. Allows the space to acknowledge your worthiness and eradicate blockages. Instills warrior-like courage, coping with imbalances, and facing adversity with better understanding.
Words to focus on: Independence, seeing beauty in all forms, acceptance, openness, forgiveness, letting go of anger, resentment and self-sabotage, fine-tuning discernment skills, confidence, navigate with ease, establish a conscience, self-respect, honor, gratitude, understanding, worthiness, warrior-like courage, balancing, impervious.
Helps you interlock with tenderness and love while breathing in cosmic light. Sparks the ability to feel good about giving without the need to receive, opens you to share and serve others. Assists you in letting go of a need to appear unaffected, toughened, or impervious to pain. Radiates strong sensitivity while standing in your truth, allowing you to break free from what you were taught to be but not necessarily what you want to be.
Words to focus on: Interlock tenderness and love, breathe in cosmic light, feel good about giving, exchange, cooperate, share, service others, reveal the true you, unafraid to be authentic, radiate strong sensitivity while standing in your truth, allowance for self-expression, break free from internal conflicts, fearless.
Purchase all 8 of these essence blends at a special price of $144. Each kit includes a necklace vial on a silver chain for you to carry your essence with you. The essences may be mixed.

It is best to muscle test each morning for which ones your body is calling for at that time. You can take them directly out of the bottles or you can also test how many drops you need to put in your vial, and then use ONLY distilled water to mix them with.

Do NOT leave your essences in a hot car! Keep them out of heat and sunlight, and away from heavy electronics and wifi.

Also state your desire each time you administer drops under your tongue, for example if you are taking "Loving Yourself Fully", state: "Creator, I ask to remove all obstacles preventing me from fully loving myself".

Don't forget to journal your shifts and changes.
Quantum Entanglement Kit
I felt compelled to discuss my own experiences so far regarding to the quantum entanglement kit. It's so specific to the timing and what you discussed in your interview is so relevant to everything I've been experiencing lately. We are definitely at this end game where compassion is starting and the energies are assisting us now.

I know you're guided to relate information to light workers, to all but it's simply more than information to me as I read behind the words and they are truly of love. This year is a year of distinctiveness as you mentioned it could not have been better said it also recognizes my entire purpose. Your messages gear me and it's information we need to hear as we know it but it refreshes us.

I have been doing the I Am work every day since 2009 and since you left the messages from Prime Creator back in June it really helped me too as I also had to go away to Europe in June and it was part of the work each day.

Well the kit is unbelievable. Also the latest speaker regarding leaving the Matrix. I just have some days off so when I find the time I will finish the Matt Kahm interview. It's so interesting that hes speaking of the inner body and I've always felt a deep respect for my body. I love my family but I am deeply reserved and that makes me different. For some reason the kit you gave me have no words and it can't speak but it has a tone that I can associate with and it speaks to me. It connects so well with everything regarding the spirit body and how important it is to respect our bodies. So it's a tool. I have always loved myself, my body and I know I can't change the world and everyone, nor do I want to. I can change myself though and by changing me and loving my beloved body each moment I am truly blessed because we are an atom of creation we are love.

I am so grateful for all that you do and I just am glad we have arrived at this point finally too. I have never felt so nicely grounded and safe.

Best wishes always

I want to once again thank and honor all of those who have purchased my new quantum oils and essences which were divinely directed and delivered by Prime Creator before I went on mission. I am overflowing in love and gratitude by your kind words and feedback. Stay the course of divine love and truth knowing we ARE going home soon! Your commitment to enlightenment and bettering yourselves inspires and activates me beyond what words can relay.

I love you all.
Alexandra Meadors
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