On the heels of Memorial Day weekend, I felt this article was perfect reviewing for us to ponder how each of us defines freedom….-A.M.


I’m not relating here to spiritual freedom – the freedom that comes from enlightenment.

I’m relating instead to the felt experience of freedom, what we are, do, feel and have in our lives that gives us the swelling sense of freedom, prior to winning the ultimate release of enlightenment.

It’s an interim, middle-ground concept perhaps, but one that we respond to and a condition we want.

Our design is perfect. It allows for healthy functioning, a stress-free existence, love, joy and all the other conditions which, when present, we say that we feel free.

And then we begin to introduce stress into our lives when we’re ordered around, treated miserably, lose sight of fairness, feel fear, and enter into the conditions of a life lived divorced from the divine qualities, whether it’s we who’ve left them behind or others who’ve drummed them out of us, so to speak.

The “free” condition is the condition we were designed and meant to live in. The uplifted, joyful, expectant state accompanied by as much play as work, work of our own choosing, challenging and reasonable in amount, with lots of time thrown in to devote to our own projects.

Freedom includes safety – freedom from threat, harassment, injury, and exploitation. It includes the right to choose – our own friends, sacred partners, workmates, and neighbors. And it includes the wherewithal to afford these things.

Here we are in a world in which these conditions are not all present or apparent or necessarily in the immediate offing.

And yet we have the help of a cast of thousands, and our own resolve and willingness, to build such a world. And we have high expectations of success.

This is a world that works and for the first time in history we get a glimpse of the fact that we can do this. We can build a really free world.

Never before have such exalted beings as the archangels been our active partners in that work. In earlier times, Archangel Gabrielle may have visited Elizabeth and Zaccharias or Mary and Joseph and had a word with them.

But today Archangel Gabrielle visits a radio studio and does a show with us. Or Archangel Michael speaks to us personally, answering our questions and giving us guidance. Never before has this happened and happened so openly and frequently upon this planet.

We are moving towards a state of freedom that has not been experienced on Earth since before any of us can remember, individually or collectively, short of consulting the Akashic Records.

Every plank that’s being put in place — the ending of nuclear war on the planet, the prevention of the outbreak of other wars, the thwarting of plans to reduce the population, the cleansing of pollution, the nurturing of a global temperate climate, the removal of financial blockages, the raising of our vibrations – brings us one step closer to the world of our dreams.

Even as we sit here, wondering when anything is going to start, millions of people around the world are building the infrastructure of a world that works. Many of them are unseen; all are unknown; and all of them are working for the love of it, with no expectation of reward.

That alone should bring a smile to our faces. To know we are that much loved and cherished that people have come here from vast distances in space to assist us to lift ourselves out of the conditions that have held us down for so long and welcome us into a new dimension, a new way of being, and a new, unending happiness.