Part 4: Frequent Waves of Intense Sensations
July 17, 2013
The closer we got to our point of destination, the more frequent the waves of intensity washed over our bodies. It was all I could do to focus on my driving and at one point it was almost as if someone else was steering the wheel. I then saw the Sequoyah Natural Refuge at my next right. "Another interesting synchronicity was that I was in the Sequoias just 2 months ago," I thought to myself. I began to wonder if we were carrying something energetically across the US to link these special and individual forests or was it once again a manner in which to get my attention.
We were now in Vlan when the phone rang with a weather update from an app I hadn't even downloaded yet. I became even more breathless and light headed, feeling as if I was in an episode of Twilight Zone. My foot was driving me crazy with that pins and needles feeling you get when your foot falls asleep, but now there was a sharp pain in my right ankle. I got the message that we had possibly missed the Gore exit and should quickly veer onto the US 59 or Wheeler Avenue. I felt like I was hypnotized, driving straight up to the Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center. I felt like Spirit had moved in and down my right leg and foot, in control of the accelerator and sensing that we were to be given some information. I sat in the air conditioned car with the dogs as Steve collected information on this remote town of Sallisaw, sitting at the juncture of the 64, 40, and 59. It reminded me of the old TV shows like Father Knows Best or Mayberry RFD, with its beautiful tree lined streets and WWII era type homes.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. Yours truly had been doing their allotment of chemtrailing unfortunately, but that didn't prevent the clouds from exhibiting themselves in their full fluffy demeanor low to the ground. The sky was exceptionally blue with a humidity factor of 1000% due to the nonstop rainstorms. When I say it was hot, I mean it was hot enough to watch the kickstand on your bicycle sink into the asphalt of the road. That kind of hot. Thank God for air conditioning.
The Visitor Center advisor suggested we stay away from the states road 101 East because if you got lost up there, the people wouldn't give you much help. Supposedly they were very protective of their territory and didn't want outsiders in their neck of the woods (after all, this was shotgun country we were entering). Her advice had all the makings of a diversion and all I could think was why would that frighten us away? It's an adventure, so let's go for it! We ignored her warnings and continued onto the state road 220, officially entering the state of Arkansas.
It was 6 miles down the 101 by the time we reached Sequoyah's Cabin. We were "advised" to stop, not really knowing why we should. Honestly, it didn't really matter however, because the grounds were spectacular. All 6 of us practically leapt out of the car, lured by the energies of the area. It was almost as if we were blissfully high and the dogs demonstrated a similar sensation. They ran around with excitement and gusto, playfully nipping at each others legs, chasing each other in circles. It really was one of those kodak moments.
When we went inside the grounds, we were drawn to another powerful vortex. The sun was breaking through the billowy rain clouds, displaying misty rays of sunlight through the lush and ancient tress and their leaves. The age of the buildings, the rock and mortar walls, and thick and crooked trees brought a feelings of nostalgia, as if you could beam yourself back to another time and space. We really loved the way Sequoyah Cabin's property and grounds were laid out, which sparked a lengthy conversation regarding our own City of Light project. If you are wondering who Chief Sequoyah was, he was a respected blacksmith, silversmith, and trading post owner who profoundly influenced the Cherokee Nation through the gift of the written language. After 12 years of labor, he developed a complex language into 86 symbols for the recurring sounds that form Cherokee words beginning in 1809.
In fact, it has been determined that the Cherokee language is part of the Iroquoian language family and became a separate, distinct language at least thirty-five hundred years ago (1500 B.C.). When I found this out I was once again in awe of how Spirit directed us right to this location! What most don't realize is that the original Declaration of Independence was actually written in the Iroquois language and that the Iroquois were Moors. The word "moor" comes from the greek root "mauros" which means dark-skinned. The Moors are a Muslim people with mixed Berber and Arab descent, and are now living primarily in northwest Africa. We had been told a long time ago that the theme of our lives was about Freedom and Justice and it was very well supporting this on our mission already! Perhaps there is a Moor Obama connection?
Sequoyah later operated a salt production and blacksmith works in 1818. His one room log cabin still stood at the center of the property, built in 1829, and gratefully preserved as a national historic Landmark. We were immediately drawn to an open field, as we strolled the sprawling estate. The sun basked our faces with piercing warmth as we held ourselves heart to heart to intertwine the masculine feminine energies of the planet. This was our intention as we clearly envisioned the elimination of any schism between the races, sexes, or between our hemispheres.

The beauty of this place was so captivating that I lackadaisically walked back to the car, sorry to leave.
We found ourselves on Exit 308, only to see a sign displaying the Trail of Tears. I knew nothing about this trail, but later found a mountain of articles on this horrific piece of history. Apparently, as part of an Indian removal policy from Andrew Jackson in 1838 and 1839, the Cherokee nation was forced to give up its lands east of the Mississippi River and to migrate to an area in present-day Oklahoma. This devastating journey would eventually become known as the Trail of Tears since most of the Indians were rousted out of their homes and forces to leave everything they had with just the clothes on their backs. The migrants faced hunger, disease, and exhaustion on this forced march, hiking over a thousand miles in 6 months, many by foot. It is estimated that well over 5,000 of 15,000 Cherokees perished.
This historical accounting gave me even more of an understanding why we were having such strong body effects, especially in our torso and solar plexus region. As we continued to travel south along the trail, the anguish became overwhelming. Waves of sadness and despair consumed me, and I continued to transmute as much darkness as I could. I kept seeing myself as a spiral of energy, extracting the shadow that lay over this area, and infusing it with golden helion light particles. Whatever was happening, it caused the batteries on my recorder to die, so we stopped to get some new ones out of the trunk. Every time we would ask if we were on the right path or road, a hawk would appear to confirm we were at the right location. These hawks would just appear where we had no idea where they came from.
We were steered to the Peaceful Road North (State Road 59 in Arkansas) towards the Natural Dam. We saw this natural dam, getting its name from a wall of continuous rock with an occasional waterfall spilling over its edge. I kept getting a hit that we needed to continue down the private road away from the public swimming hole. As if it couldn't get any more intense, I thought I would explode with all sorts of body jerks, shakes, and strange sensations. The magnetic draw got stronger and stronger as we drove deeper into the private area past the Natural Dam. We ended up at a private residence where the road dead-ended and I knew immediately where we were going!
A grasshopper catapulted onto my windshield directly in front of my vision out the drivers window. He looked directly at me and smiled, and despite the wind against the car as we cruised down the dirt road, he hung on until we reached out destination. A roadrunner scurried by as well.
The abandoned property joyfully welcomed us with a door of butterflies swarming our feet and bodies. It was as if we stepped into another realm, sensing the fairies here and there. Dragonflies with blue neon backs greeted us as we reached our point of destination, while birds of various calls sang a chorus. Then two flying insects flew in front of my camera as I was taking a picture, making spirals as they mated, making sure that I wouldn't miss their union. It felt magical.

The activation was amazing. One bee landed on my left hand directly on the heart of a bracelet I was wearing while another landed on Steve's right arm, both at the very same time.
A grasshopper grazed past Steve's right cheek and leapt across my left arm, deliberately landing on the ground within the circle where our 6 pointed star of crystals were laid. We made a smaller circle inside the larger circle with 4 additional crystal points and Julie's power crystal in the center. This is where we opened, solidified, and enlarged the vortex. The circle was so powerful that we felt drunk with love and joy. Everything within the circle changed shades of color as we felt like we had stepped into another time. Steve made sure the crystals remained activated from one vortex point to another, using the same crystals to accrue power. Suddenly I was reminded to bring in the Agarthans, and in so doing a blazing beam of light pierced up from the bowels of earth and through the vortex. I felt like I was teetering-tottering, grasping my stones to ground me.
We completed our ceremony by walking a Fibonacci spiral while projecting commands of love, peace, prosperity, joy, and fulfillment onto the planet. Our work not only focused on the people and the planet but the solar system, galaxy, and the universes beyond. We knew EVERYTHING is being affected by this ascension process and we did not want to forget that! We once again worked on male and female unification which was so powerful I wasn't sure if I could contain myself. And at the end, I thanked Mother Earth and told her I hoped that we had assisted her greatly today. I was so overwhelmed with the wave of love that came from her, that it brought me to tears as I fell to my knees in gratitude.
It may sound strange if you haven't experienced this consuming love and "belongingness" with your mother. I would advise any of you to reach out to her individually, for her cup runs over with love.
As we returned to the car, Harleigh clattered on about how upset he was that he couldn't participate. I assured him that he was an integral part of the process. For those who don't know my dog Harleigh, you will trip out how human he is... constantly telepathically speaking to everyone. He has always been a very vocal dog, and very obviously shows himself seeing spirits wherever he goes.

As we left the area, the clan of butterflies swarmed around us once again as if to say "thank you and good bye". When we looked down on the ground, we found a heart shaped rock, another syncronicity since we have collected these for years now.
Only one car can go over the bridge crossing this area. The Natural Dam is like a wall of volcanic rock with 2 or 3 waterfalls spilling over its ledge. We stopped for some exit pictures and then went on our merry way to make sure there were no other activations necessary in that area. After determining we were finished, we caught state road 59 North to US 62 East. A cute little town named Lincoln promoted its fresh homemade apple cider, which was so appealing after melting in the sweltering heat all day long. We just had to stop and purchase some ice cold freshly made apple cider, the absolute best I had ever tasted!
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