Did you know alchemy has been studied, appraised, and put into practice for thousands of years? Records reveal that alchemy was utilized throughout Ancient Egypt, India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Japan, China, and Korea. Originally, its evolution started from an early form of chemistry and metallurgy, where alloys, dyes, perfumes, and jewelry were formulated. Many do not realize that the renowned practice of embalming the dead of ancient Egypt was an alchemical process as well. Special oils and rituals were involved in preparing the body and spirit for the afterlife.
Some 75,000 years ago (or more according to which source you review), the civilization of Lemuria was flourishing. Specifically credited with developing the advanced technology in building long-lasting megalithic buildings, Lemuria's society lasted an astonishing 52,000 years. They were known for their highly developed psychic and telepathic abilities, adept at manifestation, magic, and other 'reality creating' techniques. What some say was a growing lust for power and ever more advanced technologies, brought about the birth of Atlantis. It was at this time, when highly psychic and physical skills clashed with a consuming acceleration of intellect that the war between the light and the dark was propagated. Many capitulated to the lust for power and greed through sorcery, causing rampant, amoral power-grabs throughout the land. Others lost their sense of inner guidance and succumbed to the allure of a temporary feel-good feeding of their egos.
Not surprisingly, this is where the mystery schools began, in order to salvage the morally illumined truths and instruction. Spiritual centers were established in secret for genuine truth-seekers to be trained, disciplined, instructed, and possibly initiated. One of the primary disciplines was alchemy.
So it is with alchemy that humanity is brought to a place of inner purification. We enthusiastically seek the expansion of consciousness and the development of our intuition, which are the key purposes of alchemy on a spiritual level today. The goal is to attain transmutation, whether this occurs through transitioning from sickness to health, reacting to life versus residing primarily in a balanced body with a neutral perspective, transforming emotional dis-ease to a state of ease and grace, or passing from an earthly experience to a supernatural existence. Ultimately, alchemical changes are beneficial in nature, never degrading your progress unless it is an intermediate step where the mind and body process the shift itself before moving on.

I began to remember my gift of alchemy shortly after I went through homeopathic and essence training.
It was as if I had rediscovered an old friend, and I could not stop myself from studying and experimenting for most of the day and night. I "became" a natural at creating remedies for physical and emotional discordances, and found myself growing with each creation I made. I am truly honored to receive this gift of wisdom again, accrued from my other timelines in Egypt, Turkey, Syria, and Germany. Those very ancient days motivate me to create essences that breathe life into expression for the here and now. I am able to create a space where the individual and their formula experience true integration, and they together decide how far they want to go.
Each formula is unique and constantly changing with you. Each experience is different from the last. Finally, each journey presents another piece of yourself that you had lost or could not access. This is my goal... to remind you, to activate and advance you through infinite possibilities of awareness. Through these leaps in consciousness, you are able to realign yourself with your Higher Self, and thus receive clearer direction, reliable insight, and consoling fulfillment through your ascension voyage. With each solar wave that Helios erupts, you will receive comfort and assistance in integration and alignment, understanding and openings. Ultimately, these alchemical essences will help you find and remember who you really are.

Stay tuned for the release of my new line of essences, for they are coming soon! If you are interested in ordering personalized remedies, drop me an email at

Alexandra Meadors
ciHOM, FE Specialist, Intuitive
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