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I don’t know about you all, but Jon’s work always resonates deeply with me. He’s words speak to me and inform me about my own journey. . . ~J

Moon as seen from the Earth.Moon as seen from the Earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Without laboring too much on the causes, I want to look at the effect of this “shift” we have been experiencing. In the simplest terms I have come up with, what is happening is that the boundaries separating our hearts are dissolving. Each of us has different experiences of this – for some people it is terrifying and their reaction is to fight back against it. For some of us, as we learn to express ourselves, it isolates us from our family of origin because they don’t understand. It is changing our lives and the world around us, for sure.

We’re at this point between epochs, between ages. We’re undergoing a huge evolutionary leap. And change never seems to happen from a place of comfort. Hence, for most of us, these have been very tensional times. We can’t take any baggage to where we’re going.

It is the case that our karmic patterns, those looping lessons, each have their own life-force energy. And like all living beings, they have a survival instinct. Coyote-style, they know when we become aware of them. And they know when we’re vulnerable, paying attention to too many other things, so they can loop back around and bite us.

Welcome to the holidays! And welcome to the Full Moon of December, 2012.

Pretend for a moment that I’m the great Phillip Marlowe, delivering one of his breathtakingly dry understatements. After I’ve watched you take your fifth shot with all the old pals, or run your credit card dry at the mall, or hide in the bathroom while the rest of the family talks about how worried about you they are, I’d offer you a smoke and say, “… the holidays bring up a lot of old stuff, don’t they.”

And it’s funny because here we are at the end of 2012, post-ascension. We’re all 5d and stuff. But a lot of those patterns survived. The pressure to buy a flurry of gifts that you haven’t really thought about and can’t really afford; the black loneliness of actually not being able to afford ANY gifts, or of not having any family; the “Christmas spirit” of overeating and over drinking, etc. et. al… they all seem to have survived the end of the Mayan calendar too.

And it’s good to admit it. Another, even wilier pattern would be to pretend that the holidays don’t open any doorways for your past to come through. Whatever your vision of the “perfect holiday” is, I’d be willing to bet pretty high on any one of three things – you either ran yourself ragged trying to make sure it happened, or, you have feelings of inadequacy around having not quite achieved it, or, your pretense of attaining the vision is so stretched out and brittle that other people are tiptoeing around you, wondering when you’ll crash.

Please understand, I’m not saying that it’s impossible to have a really beautiful holiday experience – especially now. And I really hope you have. But there are a lot of astrological factors that tell me it’s likely that “… a lot of old stuff” has come up. The ongoing Pluto/Uranus square has a lot to do with it, trying to push us through the bottom of whatever molds we’re encased in. Jupiter, Ceres and Vesta are all retrograde in Gemini, causing a chaotic blend of desires to escape the pressure and continue to fit into those old molds. Saturn and Pluto, Karma and Fate, are squeezing us all towards the random escape routes that retrograde Jupiter can find. Let them. They’re asking you to stop pretending to be perfect.

In my way of looking at things, the greatest gift anyone can give is to reveal their heart, to crack open wide and be brave enough to say “here I am. I am me, and glad to be me. I am ready to see you.” This is the gift of compassion and forgiveness that transcends all blood line and societal karmas. And I think that that’s what all the astrological pressures I listed above are asking of each of us. To give the gift of our hearts – to each other and to the Earth.

It is no longer possible to look for 12.21.12 to release you from being human. In fact, it was human of you to think that it was going to set you free from your looping, from Saturn or Pluto – so I thank you for all the heart you gave to that.

And I ask you now to use the rest of your life to open your heart to being here. The Earth is an extremely interesting place to inhabit.

Have you ever looked into the tides? They’re essentially bulges in the Earth’s oceans that follow the meeting point between the Sun and the Moon. Just trying to grasp what causes them and to then work into your vision of them the spinning of the Earth is, for me at least, way better than a Rubik’s cube. And it gets even cooler when you realize that these same forces actually change the shape of the Earth, at certain times bulging the crust nearly two feet. Physicists at the big particle accelerators have to take into account the way the Sun and Moon change the shape of the Earth every day in order to accurately measure the results of their experiments.

Maybe 3d isn’t as static and confining as we used to think, huh?

Beyond the physical effects, I find a great deal of meaning in the Sun/Moon relationship. And I am hopeful now that 12.21.12 has passed that more people will take an interest in the metaphysical growth opportunities their dance offers.

On 12.28.12, at 5:21 AM Eastern Time, the Moon is Full in the 8th degree of the sign of Cancer, Opposite the Sun in the 8th degree of Capricorn. When you think about the physical effects of the Sun and Moon being on opposite sides of the Earth, you get a sense of how the Full Moon feels – for me, there is always a sense of being pulled apart.

But what is being taught is openness. I think of New Moons as very personal, intention-setting opportunities, while the Full Moon is the opportunity to check in with the tribe to see how each has done with their New Moon intentions. As this Moon coincides with a major holiday weekend and a lot of outer-planet pressure, I feel like it’s going to be a strong opportunity to “check in with the tribe.” And given all the retrograde energy in Gemini, I’ll just go ahead and predict that a lot of people will go to great lengths to keep their emotions safe from all that pressure. In other words – for many people it’s going to be a hell of a party.

Not that I have anything particularly against that, it’s just that I think there is something much richer and more rewarding about joining the sacred circle instead of heading for the mosh pit. Whatever you do, I hope you feel good about it afterwards.

I invite you to think of this Full Moon as an opportunity to practice the open-hearted oneness that we are evolving towards. During the night of the 27th especially, I encourage you to share your feelings with those closest to you. Make time for a heart-to-heart about what you experienced during the Solstice and the Holidays – whether it was beautiful or difficult, whether you were loved or feared. This will be a great opportunity to “clear the air,” that is, dissolve some of the barriers around your heart.

May you see the Love at the center of each being you meet!

With Love,


We can’t bomb nature into submission, but we CAN love her into health! 

Now is the time, and you are the one. 

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