Full Moon and partial lunar eclipse is Monday, June 4 at 5:12 AM Mountain Daylight Time (link here to read more in the forecast regarding the full moon).

Written by Patricia Liles
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Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse Sun in Gemini 14º/ SuperMoon in Sagittarius 14º Monday, June 4, 5:12 AM MDT

The powerful spring pair of solar/lunar eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius is completing. The next eclipse window will be Nov. 13 (total solar) and Nov. 28 (partial lunar). Last year we had total eclipses of the Moon and partial eclipses of the Sun, and now in 2012, we are having total Solar eclipses and partial lunar eclipses. So many beautiful, orderly cycles. Fitting that this transition time of 2012 is focused on the Sun at its height of sunspot/solar flare cycle. Solar eclipses help us reset our will, purpose and identity and realign with our soul consciousness clearing away what is no longer of use as we move forward. There’s a bit of wrenching as we let go of what we are used to and prepare to hold newer and more creative energy. Change of this sort can be difficult for the body – many report fatigue or crankiness.

The Gemini archetype with its Sagittarius opposite sign pair is magnificently highlighted in multiple ways currently:

– Sun in Gemini with Venus and Mercury

– Jupiter moving into Gemini June 11 for about a year

– North/South nodes in Sagittarius/Gemini since March 2011

– Venus completing her 584-day cycle on June 5-6 initiated in Scorpio and reemerging as the morning star in GEMINI! for the next 584-day cycle

This bears contemplating. Where might the focus be? Gemini rules our mental functions – how we think, speak, learn, communicate, how we gather information, our communication networks. Gemini is alert and needs stimulation and wants its fingers on the pulse of what’s happening; it’s not enough to hold the info, it wants to fill the airwaves with exchange and share what is gathered. It’s zippy and quick and ruled by fleet-footed Mercury with wings on his feet – the Messenger God. There’s youth here and androgyny and neutrality. Gemini represents our roots in duality. The black/white, right/wrong thinking that fosters separation and comes from our minds not our hearts. An opportunity is being presented to shift the powers of our thought, to step beyond the superficiality of information and move toward the Sagittarius emphasis of meaning, wisdom, new vision, and philosophy that inspires and encompasses the whole globe and all its diverse peoples.

The Transit of Venus on June 5-6 will reveal the usually hidden metamorphosis of Venus from the evening star to the morning star, but this time the feminine shift will be in full view as she will cross the face of the Sun with all that masculine power at her back – the most powerful manifestation of the feminine. She completes her previous cycle in Scorpio where we learned to go deep and intimate and embrace feminine power, to let go of old archetypes of the masculine and feminine, to face our fears and to engage death and rebirth, and now she reemerges in Gemini in all her splendor and joy to spread the word that the wisdom of the divine feminine voice is ready to be heard, that the cycle of destruction and creativity is alive and well in her, that duality is being redefined as an inner balance of feminine with masculine and that connecting to one another will help heal our collective feelings of loneliness and isolation. Gemini will bring in a flavor of lively, playful, shape-shifter feminine expression.

In the Full Moon chart, the feminine asteroid influences Vesta, Pallas Athena, and Ceres (our dedicated, devotional aspect, our creative intelligence influence, and our nurturing and supportive self) are all in quintile relationships to various planets – quintiles being highly creative – dividing the zodiac wheel into fives-72º. We can come up with unusual solutions; we can feel the power of Spirit working with us; we are open to inspired, intuitive flashes; and we instinctively are in touch with our ability to heal and nourish ourselves and those around us. With a preponderance of mutable signs in the chart, we can expect a Moon of practicality and adaptability, concerned with people and relationships.

On June 11, Jupiter will move into Gemini for a year highlighting travel and adventure, learning from the stimulation of new horizons (new jobs or skills, relationships, metaphysical ideas…), expansion of how you view your mundane daily life, collaborations, writing and publishing, teaching from your wisdom place, experimentation and youth.

With the Full Moon on June 4, will be Neptune at 3º turning retrograde until November 10 reaching 0º and returning to its current place in March 2013. We’re in Neptune/Pisces territory for the long haul, 14 years, our emotional bodies are dissolving anxieties left over from the past and opening the portals to realignment with Spirit and true source that sustains and nourishes our souls. Meditation, reflection, prayer are all powerful and mandatory now. Neptune urges us to accept that the universe is unfolding exactly as it should, just try to keep your pant leg out of the spokes.

Probably the most important astrological event of the month is the first of seven squares of Uranus in Aries to Pluto in Capricorn on June 24. 2012-2015. These are strong transpersonal forces related to revolution, transformation and focused on government, corporations, finance and debt because of the Capricorn influence. More on this aspect at New Moon.

Can you feel that we are on a fast track to the summer solstice or the winter solstice (depending on your hemisphere)? Just a few weeks more to one of the most powerful points of the year – longest day, shortest night.

06/04 Neptune turns retrograde

06/05 2nd Transit of Venus (1st occurred June, 2004)

06/11 Jupiter enters Gemini, Chiron retrograde

06/19 New Moon in Gemini (again!?!) 28º 9:02 AM MDT

06/20 Summer Solstice/Sun enters Cancer 5:09 PM MDT

07/03 Full Moon in Capricorn 12:52 PM MDT

Courtesy of http://www.thepowerpath.com/index.php/power-path-home/the-power-path/moon-updates/458-full-moon-eclipse-update-6-4-12