Dear Friends,

Full moon is Sunday, March 16, at 11:08 AM MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). This full moon provides an opportunity to commit to experiencing your life with more ease, harmony and synchronicity. It is also possible at this time to integrate your lessons, experiences, all the change you are allowing and all the progress you are making. It is also a good time to bring all those big dreams and intentions into the present, grounding them, and making them practical and tangible. Make a plan and commit to taking the first baby step in the plan required to manifest them. Its a great time to pray for what you want!

Blessings, Lena

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Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday, March 16, 11:08 AM MDT

(March 16, 5:08 PM Greenwich Time, GMT)

Virgo, so practical, so efficient and discerning helps us draw down Pisces’ wide-open union with Spirit to the earth plane and apply it to a useful purpose.  Earth signs relate to tangible, practical experience.  As the second earth sign, Virgo combines this practicality with its mental ruler, Mercury, and the result is the benefit of discernment, the ability to analyze, improve and refine, and the skills to organize and create order and efficiency.

Virgo’s symbol is ‘the Virgin’ in the sense of whole onto itself, focused inward toward inner wisdom and self analysis.  The Virgin holding the sheaf of wheat represents the discriminating ability to separate the ‘wheat from the chaff’ – what is essential, what is not useful. (read more link here)

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