Gall Bladder meridian implant in brainI have received permission from Jeff to share this with others as I feel it needs to be reviewed far and wide.  PLEASE use discretion in who you accept into your etheric body!  You would not just hire  anyone to do surgery on you, or for that matter have just anyone work on your car.  It is imperative to be 100% confident in trusting and knowing within your soul that those who work on you are fully in integrity, purity of intention, and gifted with the knowledge and experience of how to extract these implants properly. Pam and I have been DIVINELY GUIDED to provide this to the world because of our expertise, commitment, dedication, love, and truth.  This requires assistance and will be the key that unlocks our doors.  If you have any other questions, please go to this link for more details:
“Jeff here.  Just sent over the PayPal for the removal process. I am very excited and, Oh am I ready.
When Cobra posted about the three implants we all have behind the eyes and the navel, I immediately started to work on clearing those. It took quite a bit of work, and I’m not even certain those were gone, as I was told they were.
I found there were four others in me as well and again worked quite a bit on those. I pulled in lots of help from the Pleadians, my higher self, and even asked Pam’s higher self to come in and advise me on the process.

I checked in later and found that I was getting one of those false positive answers, wishy-washy and not feeling quite “right”. So sure enough they were actually all still there.

Very disappointing. And the fact that they were hijacking my information flow just plain pissed me off. 

That’s when I made the commitment inside to ask for help and have them removed. I rarely ask for help and always try to do everything within myself. It certainly has made me self empowered. But asking for help is a beautiful practice. This time they are just too tenacious it seems. 

Two nights ago I tried one more time, while driving home at night after a long day. I sent my awareness behind the implants and created fields of oneness while shifting dimensions and reaching back timelines, pulling in multi frequencies and basically threw the kitchen sink at them.

Still didn’t work. 

I think I got on their radar doing this work because the next morning I had a pretty horrendous attack. The first time I was conscious of an attack.  What I discovered later was that I had been sloppy about doing the dimensional work and had opened a worm hole where I was working in my heart area. This allowed the archons to come into my space and suck my energy. And they think texting is dangerous when you drive!

I woke up to a slight headache that became really bad, felt dizzy and nauseous, and threw up, all within an hour. My whole Field was just clouded over and I could see there were four Archonic buggers sucking the life out of me. My organs and systems usually average 9 to 10, but we’re down to 4 and 5 all of a sudden. 

Eventually, I managed to pull together enough focus to start sending light into my field and physical body, then enlisted the help of my wife to send the reconnection energy as well. It felt so intense I wanted to jump out of my skin. But after about 30 minutes they were cleared and all the residue and poop was cleared as well.  I slept and recovered the rest of the day. 

Feeling great today. I resolved the worm hole. But a couple hours ago there was another incursion this time coming in through an opening in my field. They were going for my digestion. Caught them early and sent them home. I hope this doesn’t keep up!

I have a feeling my digestion issue of 25 years will be shifting in the days following the removals. And it is my desire that my sense of empowerment and sovereignty will blossom!”