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Picture As the G2 cloud  star, is on a very eccentric orbit, its closest approach point from the galactic center (periastron) is expected an explosion in the center of the galaxy that will affect extremely strong The sun and Earth. That is taking into account and that the solar system is crossing the galactic plane and the sun is at its maximum activity. The cloud star has been discovered in 2002 or 2006. There is the assumption that it would be at his first periastron. The cloud contains a star having a mass somewhere between one solar mass and 30 solar masses which might have a binary companion star. This companion star inside the cloud of dust and gas matter would be about 6 times the mass of Earth. This companion star contained in the gas cloud is expected to be stripped away and enter in the accretion zone of the galactic center causing an explosion. This is expected to happen, according to various astronomers, between March and July.

In the Galactic center there is a super massive black hole, super dense, of 4 million solar masses, according to other estimates, a million solar masses. There are scientists, as the eminent PhD. Paul LaViolette, who disagrees with the concept of black hole, having another explanation for these cosmic objects. According to him the probability of the blast and super wave energy is very high.

Is it possible that about this astronomical event to be announced from the crop circle from Chualar? Counting 192 days from this date we arrive on July 8, 2014. It is obvious that there must be a major event that will be seen by everyone, including the “blind”, as suggesting by the message of the circle. Coincidentally the big circle is seven times greater than the small circle representing Earth. It could symbolize this companion star expected to crash into the galactic center and trigger a major outburst and super wave. This event has probably already happened  24.000 years ago. But the super wave reach us now as it travels with slightly less the speed of light.

Another interesting fact is that the G2 cloud is expected to come to 144 – 200 astronomical units from the Galactic core at its time of closest approach. Could this be 192 astronomical units?

This explosion will have the effect of a super-pulse of electromagnetic and scalar waves and cosmic radiation, especially X and Gamma, extremely powerful. It could be the long awaited moment of the Event or the moment expected by Tolec, when the Earth will change dimensions.

There could be other interesting events until then, but July 8, 2014 is a very interesting date, being offered in the message of the crop circle, and even some astronomers are pushing the possible explosion date to July. We could go with the assumptions so far as that this possible event will put the “plane of Ascension” on the runway, somewhere between April and July this year.
So, fasten your seat belts and keep your positive expectations and confidence in a bright future!

The Light of Ascension
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