Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.

Tori Amos
GALACTIC ENERGETIC SOLUTIONS is a quantum-based QI ENHANCEMENT healing software system designed to remove imbalances, stress, disruptions, aberrations, and anomalies which are the primary cause of dis-ease.

STRESS is the core foundation to health challenges that we face today, as any malevolent frequency, sound, vibration, color, or wave triggers a chain reaction within the body to react in defending itself. The body is constantly attempting to protect itself from the invasive and painful way in which we exist in this reality. Our body's defense mechanisms are very overwhelmed with the many seen and unseen assaults on the body today.

Despite our best efforts to filter our water, consume organic foods, and administrate herbs and supplements, we are still being bombarded by the toxic effects of the destructive invisible and unheard frequencies and vibrations echoing throughout our world. Everything from wifi, 5G, 7G, and 8G internet connections, invisible infrared laser, hypersonic ultrasound, through the wall, voice to skull, to over 3500 satellites in space is pumping out every form of waveform you can think of into our field minute by minute. This has developed a chronic state of STRESS on our bodies.

Managing stress is ESSENTIAL for our health and well-being, and with the GES, your stressors, toxins, and traumas can be managed with this computer-based system.
There are numerous approaches to any issue experienced such as headaches, anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, sleeplessness, brain fog, addictions, pain, and any malady you can think of. The more chronic the issue will typically require multiple months of being run on this robust complex system.

The GES REMOTELY scans hundreds of thousands of items within the body, depending on what your body is calling for or what your ailment may be.

Here is a small list of some of the options:
  • Balancing your auric field
  • Tackling personal issues
  • Balancing all of your elements such as fire, water, earth, and air, as well as qi, jing, shen, and essence
  • Recharging body organs and systems
  • Collapsing childhood insecurities
  • Running Qi gong techniques
  • Balancing sustenance
  • Collapsing pathogens and toxins with frequencies (also incorporating the rife frequencies)
  • Removing spiritual oppression
If you are unfamiliar with radionics, please click on the button below for a more in-depth explanation about quantum energy healing and radionics.
Targeted focus for a specific issue: $99 per month
Intensive, comprehensive healing: $252 per month
Galactic Energetic Solutions
I think I've been experiencing a better, more positive outlook. Even things that usually bother me do not annoy me or get on my nerves. I think I am feeling better emotionally and mentally.

Potentially stressful week. I got through it better than I normally would. Situations and places to be even in rainy weather less frustrating so perhaps I am doing a lot better in my outlook and attitude. I feel less anxious than I normally do and little things are not getting to me.

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for coming into my life.
It's been 2yrs since I started working with you, and things have changed drastically for me, in a good way.
What a difference since I started my sessions with you, and taking your essences and using your oils, they have helped me tremendously.
I want to be ready for the new age, and be rid of all of the excess baggage that we are all born with, in this reality, (implants, programs, etc.)
The work you and Prime Creator have done on me, has helped me to be strong spiritually, physically, and mentally.
YOUR ESSENCES, AND OILS, ROCK. You are truly gifted.
I have a positive outlook on life now, and your wisdom is uncanny.
I have so much love for you, for all you and Prime Creator have done for myself, this planet, and all the beings in it.
Thank you for running me on the GES system, to help my body heal and run smoothly. For those who don't know what that is, it is a Quantum Healing System.
Again, thank you for all of your help

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Thank you


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