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Therese Zumi here; Archangel Michael just told Steve Beckow some hours ago that an agreement has been made to start disclosure now in this manner. He explained that despite world government leaders having discussed releasing information regarding disclosure at their various G8 and G20 type meetings, they never actually do it. So there is a new plan. Just like Hope Girl is now spreading free energy worldwide – a girl that comes from a poor family with no assets has just done this! Now our Galactic Family will shortly simultaneously worldwide make their presence know to the ordinary people in villages and rural settings worldwide.The plan is that small – SMALL ships not at all like the Mothership picture I use here, will shortly be making contact in small rural villages around Gaia. They will emit a Pink Light from the ships. A Galactic will be making contact in each place with a local mayor or leader and delivering some information.World leaders have had so many chances to do this but they continue to allow themselves to be waylaid on other issues. Our Galactic Family have been waiting with their “Olive branch of Peace” desire to contact us and share their knowledge to support this planet for hundreds of years and we need the support of this Loving contact now to lay the ground for the changes that we have ahead of us with the Tsunami Wave of Love – The Event – leading to the Ascension of this planet.

Only yesterday I posted Hope Girls amazing news here and the heading reads “If you build it and give it away they will come” ! She has built a QEG and within 24 hours 20,000 people had downloaded the ‘open source plans’ information to build the QEGs worldwide and at 1 AM this morning Archangel Michael made this announcement on In Light Radio.

So this is the way. The way is through the people – the grassroots people all over this planet longing for change.

Link to In Light Radio Show – An Hour with An Angel here:

An Hour with An Angel: Archangel Michael – Love Wave, Ascension, Current Events–love-wave-ascension-current-events

In Rome the Queen and Pope changed locality plans to avoid encountering the ITCCS with their papers 2 days ago. They – Pope and Queen – officially announce via the media that they will be meeting in one place and they don’t.
Link here to info:

Notification from the Sheriff’s Office of the Rome branch of The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)
Posted on April 3, 2014, 6 pm GMT

Hope Girls free energy QEG is now spreading like wildfire all over this planet – which potentially means an end to the use of all other sources of fuel/energy within months worldwide.
Link here to info:

Written by Therese Zumi Sumner 04/03/2014