FEBRUARY 24 2014

Published on Feb 24, 2014

With enough motivation inside of you, then you are able to continue to rise more inter dimensionally into our galactic realities in bliss, into our cosmic star systems, in which this is a unique gateway into more harmony. To connect more with this vibration is to then see that in our higher dimensions of expansion, then you are seeing the clear vibrancy that is then transferred more into your awakened presence. This is then a strength that is then magnified into a divine opening into which you are willing to see that the truth of who you are is a cosmic light being, here to then not teach, but to awaken. To feel that your missions are to teach is an error in consciousness, as you notice that you are the 144,000 light beings, while you see online many talking about being spiritual teachers. It is not about a teaching, which as you notice many humans talk about, which involves more mind information gaining, and less presence inside of your body. There are those educators in school that teach daily and teach a lot of Cabal lessons, a lot of greed realities, of a lot of lies on how this world is not hollow, when it is in fact hollow.

It is then to see that you are seeing how serious this is to then use mind control programs to then have large amounts of humans to be conditioned to be pitted against one another in competition, until death. Then comes the reincarnation to start that process all over again for those that are not rising their vibrations into pure harmony, in which school is not able to show you that reality when you have subjects that are aimed to fill your head up with knowledge about wars, destruction, and false science. Yes, science as it stands today is filled with a lot of distortions of how the human form works, first to realize that in trying to talk about the immune system, the immunity to all diseases is naturally a path of activation of the DNA of the body. Thoughts of fear keeps this process from fully being realized, thoughts of separation keeps this process from reaching completion, violence keeps this process from being reached in fullness. As you see how many humans are walking around as insane beings, instead of divine beings, who are unaware of who they are, and instead feel they are the birth name they were given, feel they are the role that they are in.

Those that are unawakened to who they are are quick to say with the lower ego self, “I am a mom, a dad, a teacher, I am a lawyer, I am retired, I am a scientist, I am an entrepreneur, I am this, I am that,” as you notice all statuses in this world. To see how this works is to see how conditioning works, as to not be aware that you are God is the real serious reality of having massive amounts of humans looking outside of themselves for this source, instead of within. As you are then able to see the importance of being connected with who you are as God, then those that are just hearing this are able to say this, while it takes a deeper awakening into that reality to fully embody this reality. As our higher divine beings on our star ships vary in advancement, with some more advanced than others, so do you as the 144,000 light beings that are here for ascension to help the human race. It is not about trying to gain outer attention to come into a higher reality of oneness, but about then connecting with the source of your higher self, in which you are then seeing only a consistent level of dedication for your light work. Those that are still not taking this guidance seriously are then continuing to focus solely on 3d only, on material gain only, on social status only instead of presence, instead of an awakened presence in peacefulness.