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Looking Glass 33

The Looking Glass, which allows for future viewing, was a sequestered galactic technology

Let’s look at developments in communication technology in the months and years ahead. Again the galactics have not reached the point of sharing information about their communication technology in detail. They offer only tantalizing highlights.

Some of the need for communication technology will disappear when we acquire telepathic capabilities, as Natalie Glasson’s sources suggest.

“With time, awareness, observation and empowerment, you may realise you do not need some forms of technology any longer. For example, you may not need a phone because you may have developed telepathic transmission or travelling through energetic dimensions.”  (1)

The beginnings of telepathic communication between individuals will slowly take form, Hilarion tells us, “and this will lead to exciting developments in all areas of communication and technology.”  (2)

“Many new devices will be created and distributed throughout the world. These will help those on Earth to communicate more clearly and even more quickly than before, not only with the inhabitants upon the planet but also with the star nations as they are recognized as kin.”  (3)

We won’t watch television any more. SaLuSa describes what will replace it: “Television as you understand it now will be eventually superseded by holographic images that are of course 3D, and in their experimental stage on Earth already.” (4)

Galactic methods of communication, SaLuSa informs us, are advanced enough to “put anyone in touch with whomsoever they wish, [so] no one will miss out on information necessary to them.” (5)

New communications technology will not be harmful to the body Matthew Ward tells us.

“Current wireless communication instruments that are harmful to brains will not operate in higher vibratory planes, and harmless instruments with the same capabilities and more will become available.” (6)

The computers the galactics use are far more advanced than ours, SaLuSa reveals. And they are alive, which may be hard for us to appreciate or understand.

“We come to share our knowledge with you, and your professional people and engineers will enjoy the chance to use our advanced technologies. As you might expect we are so far ahead of you in computer technology that you be in awe of the advancements that have been made.

“They live and have a mind of their own, and are so sophisticated compared to your level of understanding. They will be there for your comfort and carry out what you would call the menial tasks.” (7)

On another occasion he tells us that they “have magnificent computers that literally have a mind of their own.”

“Yours by comparison are very basic, but serve your requirements for present. All of the new technologies will be yours to use to speed up the changes, and establish a communications network that will seemingly overcome the impossible. Distance will be no obstacle wherever you are in the world.” (8)

The Pleiaidians through Wes Annac tell us that we’ve just begun to recognize that such technology exists and its use has only recently become permissible.

“The pairing of consciousness [with technology] is something that has just began to be recognized and allowed for your mainstream world again.” (9)

They explain a little bit more about the pairing of consciousness on another occasion:

“You’ll funnel aspects of your consciousness into the technology you’ll be given, which has been known about on your world and suppressed for nearly a century. The technology many of you may choose to utilize will be sentient aspects of your consciousness, and will be endowed with your perceptions.” (10)

We’re ready now to use technology like this for the good of humanity, he says.

“You are undoubtedly ready for such a quantum leap forward, and you will apply such knowledge for the good of all Mankind. Hitherto your own advancements have been held back for the benefit of the privileged few, and often it has been for military purposes only.” (11)

The Earth has been quarantined by star nations for many years now because of our tendency to export our warlike ways wherever we go. And we have already gone to the Moon and Mars via the secret space fleet, Solar Warden, which the cabal has not admitted to yet.

We already are in possession of much communication technology that has been gifted to us by galactic visitors but the military has for the most part sequestered it. That and much new technology will soon be released, to the benefit of all humanity.


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