Knights-at-the-Round-TableOnce Royal Alliance LLC was formed in 2007, the owners realized that we had a massive vision in mind and needed support and feedback from other trusted, like-minded, and service-to-others individuals. Our goal is to spearhead an ascension mission that encompasses many dimensions, and at the same time provide avenues for the GRT members to attain their own individual dreams and humanitarian-oreinted goals as well.

Those that sit at the GRT hold a unique energetic field or blueprint that provides a great venue for change, assisting the earth, solar system, and universe through this accelerated expansion state on our planet right now. We set the mark for excellence in everything we do and all that we are. We know we are the trail blazers of this New Golden Age and others will follow our path. We strive to be who we really are, not donning the masks of inferiority and slave consciousness so commonplace in this 3D reality. We are courageous enough to stand on our convictions of remaining real, whole, and true-to-ourselves. It is imperative not to lose sight or become distracted from our ultimate agenda; that is, to support, and assist the ascension process, and guide those in search for answers, inner peace, and freedom from enslavement conceptions.  We strive to meet all of life head on and exert ourselves by doing unto others as we would have others do unto us.

The Way ShowerWay Showers light up our paths, illuminating the way through life and allowing our journeys to be filled with guidance and knowledge. The members of the GRT are compiled of Way Showers and Star Seeds, who arrived here very specifically to assist with the awakening process of Planet Earth.  It has been said that Star-Seeds were hand-picked from the various galaxies and beyond to perform the difficult task of incarnating in this dense dimension.  Few beings have volunteered to do such work at the risk of forgetting who they are and losing the connection with their Divine Higher Selves.

The reason these Way Showers are capable of taking on this feat is because they have been on similar missions to this planet in prior epochs, as well as other planets. They are quite familiar with the procedures and techniques for raising consciousness, inherently born with this gift.  In fact, they can throw off in a few years the limiting behavioral patterns and fears that Earth humans might take many lifetimes to accomplish. Many perform this through taking on very challenging childhoods and what many would think are insurmountable traumas.  The distinction is how they evolve and advance from these experiences and what knowledge they extract from these highly polarity-induced catalysts.  Because of their demeanor, they tend to “show the way” without effort, by just being who they are and striving for their own meaning of life.

Ultimately, to summarize, the goal of the GRT is the following:

  • Increase Spirit connections everywhere we go
  • Increase consciousness levels through encouragement and teaching
  • Assist in the ascension process through energetic grid work and other means
  • Hold the space for even higher resonance through this planet’s transition
  • Heighten awareness worldwide through education and support
  • Teach the art of remaining true to yourself
  • Present an alternate perspective on unity consciousness
  • Deliver forthcoming ancient knowledge
  • Protect and maintain star gate openings through the ascension window

A Closer Look at The GRT

Beth and Steve in Joshua Tree

Steve is an Ashtar Commander, Guardian, and Magician, whose power alone can shake an edifice. He has the innate ability to create magical devices which heal pain and assist in manifesting what you intend.

A Cloudship Visited Us

Beth is another Guardian, and High Priestess, who defines integrity and grace at all times.  She is a cutting-edge chiropractic doctor and teaches up and coming chiropractors in Orange County.

Alexandra is also a Guardian, whose passion is contagious about learning and seeking out the truths of this world.  She is a master alchemist, creating ancient sacred formulas that achieve multidimensional healing and interdimensional consciousness expansion. She communicates constantly with the Guardian Alliance, Ashtar Command, Archangel Michael, The Andromedan Council, The Ascended Masters, and many others.


voyagers1You typically don’t hear much about the Guardians, but their purpose is to restore, protect, and maintain the structural integrity of our Time Matrix.  They restore and activate key energetic circuitry within the Earth’s Templar. The Guardians’ teachings hold the space for truth and integrity, providing an ongoing, comprehensive study of the “Cosmic Context, Structures and Dynamics” of space-time-matter creation and spiritual evolution, of planetary, galactic, and universal “lost history” and of the contemporary “Big Picture Drama.”

Guardians have been consumed with creating a new consciousness grid around the planet of pure helion light, energized by Source Creation, since the older one had been compromised by The Dark.  They also preserve the balance necessary to assist Creation while going through the on-going massive transition. Guardians maintain an equilateral continuum and therefore support the orbital fields and axis for the purpose of facilitating the hologram’s massive metamorphosis with the least number of Earth changes.  Their bodily structures have a natural ability to withstand and funnel massive amounts of Light into the earth’s new grid, and are therefore involved in holding open selected star gates for the ascension process, as well as reconnecting portals throughout the planet.

The GRT is a united front and an impenetrable force committed to accomplish what we intend to do. Each one of us is “chosen by Source” for this table and this task, demonstrating the ability to present ideas with great professionalism and discuss feelings without antagonism. Dissension, competition, and inner sabotage were the reason for ascension mission failures in prior world ages, so we have done everything we can to avoid this now.  We have succeeded.  We journey wholeheartedly forward as ONE, serving Source and Humanity as we know what we are here to do.  We look forward to working alongside other spiritually galactic teams to further our goals.

The Essential Characteristics GRT Members Strive For:

1. integrity, honesty, and loyalty
2. good communication skills
3. warm, friendly, and approachable
4. ability to discuss without overreacting or taking things personally
5. confident yet not ego-driven
6. works well alone, independent thinker
7. team oriented and true to yourself despite the discomfort
8. tenacious, persevering, faithful in outcome
9. leadership qualities and takes lead in sub-groups
10. particular skills or assets assist the whole
11. flexibility to get to meetings, making this a priority
12. expansive, galactic thinking, universal
13. health-oriented, has a preference for natural healing
14. craves a connection to The All That Is first and foremost
15. continuously holding or working on prosperity consciousness
16. believes in the Project and adds ideas to enhance and further the ideals

The Presentation Party Kick-Off

Presentation Party with GRT SupportersIn May of 2009, we threw a presentation party for GRT members and supporters, revealing a detailed account of our vision and asking others for their support and feedback.  I delivered messages regarding our responsibility to hold open a specific stargate for the ascension process which is associated with the letter E or the number 5. The 10 E’s were the premise for our presentation.  They consisted of the following:

1) The Element – calm, stress free atmosphere, 2) The Evaluation – effective solution in raising health, well-being, consciousness, and awareness and most expeditious ascension, 3) The Etheric – the core to our healing approach and modalities offered, 4) The Education – a  cornerstone to good health, well-being and attaining the freedom we all so much desire, 5) The Enlightenment – essential ingredient for developing the insatiable yearning to break old patterns.  This is imperative as well for those striving to connect to their Supreme Being/Source, 6) The Ecology – without understanding your natural surrounding, you don’t reach the deepest level of understanding that is offered by life, 7) The Environmental Support – what can we do to support the environment? Or how is this assisting the perpetuation of our species, 8) The  Entertainment – solidifying their awesome experience by stepping out of normalcy and relating their time away to positive memories through every sensation (taste, touch, smell, sight, auditory, sensory), 9) The Exuberant Exercise – creating an unforgettable experience of their lifetime  and to keep them returning, and 10) The Effect –  we review with the client our desired effect with what they desired to attain for feedback and improvement.

I want to thank all of those who have come into my life and assisted myself and The Project in getting where I am today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!