Jelaila’s Weekly Message
February 10, 2014

jelailaIt’s about to get really interesting here on the blue planet.  We are about to witness, and participate in, the biggest “game” change in humanity’s history.

I am waiting on the signal to reveal information that effects all of us….on a global scale.  In the meantime., there is info that can be shared now.

Please take time to watch this video.  It will set the stage for the info I will reveal when permission is granted.

Karen Hudes world Bank whistleblower Banksters Corruption, Bank of Hawaii gold stash, What’s really going on.

9D Correlations

I noticed some very interesting correlations between terms that Karen used and those the 9D Nibiruans have used.  Seems important to point them out.

The game – This is very similar to the Universal Game, the term the 9D Nibiruans have usedto describe the process through which souls are evolving in our universe.  They go on to state that we, you and I, have come here to help change the Game.  Does it look to you like Karen Hudes and the 9D Nibiruans are talking about the same game?

The game plan –  Karen states we have a 90% or greater chance of changing the game now as that is what the models are showing.  Isn’t it interesting that this is similar terminology to what the 9D Nibiruans use when they talk about projecting out along the timelines in this Universal Game.  Makes me wonder is Karen Hudes is a Time Healer like the 9D Nibiruans.  Wouldn’t surprise me cause I know some of them have come here, mostly through the walk-in process.  Just thought I’d point those out in case you were wondering the same.

Being Empowered and Taking Action the Higher Dimensional Way

We all say we want to be empowered, we want to help bring about the changes needed.  We say we want to be a part of creating a new reality that we can leave to our children. Being empowered and being part of the change includes taking action when called to do so.  As I explained in last week’s message, the way we take action now is through using the Internet.  It is our higher dimensional tool to rapidly spread the word on a global level.  Through the Internet we awaken, educate and organize mass numbers of people and in a very short time. What would have taken years can be done in weeks.   And, we do so without resorting to weapons and war.  That, again, is the higher dimensional way.

Now is the time to act.  Here are the steps to take.

Step 1. Do your research…now is not the time to be lazy.  Be absolutely sure of why you are sharing info, otherwise you will be a blind follower.  And just in case you think you don’t have time, ask yourself these two  questions, “What is more important than fulfilling my mission?”  “What is more important than successfully changing the Game, so that I can secure a positive future for my children?  Again, isn’t what we came here for?

Step 2. Share the information (this video) through social media. We don’t need to cram it down anyone’s throats, just send it out through as many channels as you can. Those who are ready to wake up will be led to view it.  Wait for instructions on what info is to be shared next.

Step 3. Continue doing steps 1 and 2 as new info is received.

In closing, we all came here to change the game.  We have all struggled, sacrificed and felt defeated at times.  But take heart, we have not failed, we are succeeding.  The Dark is relinquishing our power back to us.  We just need to keep moving forward in the right way.  So, take a deep breath and marshal your energy.  We carry on, fighting the enlightened fight till the Dark is convinced that it can dance with us rather than be extinguished.

Remember, our goal in this Game is to learn to integrate, not exterminate.

In service,
Jelaila Starr
The Nibiruan Council