Posted: 25 Mar 2013 08:15 PM PDT

As channeled by Hilarion

You will only undergo this initiatory experience with Gautama  if you want to.

pinealglandIf you don’t want to, he won’t do it, it won’t happen.
He knows what your choice is.
This is a conscious choice.
We now proceed.

Om Vajra Guru   Om Vajra Guru    Om Vajra Guru

Go down a spiral staircase to a cave made of purple crystal.

And clear crystal also.

Above you is a blue dome,

And in front of you sits Gautama.

You can see his third eye  begin to open with a beautiful deep blue rising upwards into purple and

upwards into white.

Different and various divine beings and forms of life are visible to you aflame in light circle

above  around the room.

You begin to feel your third eye area open until nothing seems to exist in that space anymore,

giving way to the realization that you are in contact with everything, the sky, the stars, everything.

You have expanded through the universe and opened yourself to the stars beyond the veil of the

physical. Beyond the veil of not seeing.

You will now undergo adjustments in your energy to help you maintain access to this greater awareness.

I love you and support you in your journey toward wholeness and oneness with your self,

and your natural expansive state and existence of your being.

I bless your endeavors with the light of  no name,  until that light restores itself as you.

I Am Gautama