GC Notice : The War on Pedophilia Enters a New Phase

With the recent upsurge of Q posts about sex-trafficking and pedophilia amongst the elite, GC would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers to alert authorities if you have reasons to suspect instances of child abuse or sex trafficking, and to remember that much progress is being made on this front. The Trump Justice Department has arrested many thousands of low-level pedophile network members and the new Q posts and the Jeffrey Epstein re-trial suggest that exposure of the elites is close at hand. If you do know of abuse in your vicinity please contact authorities, including the FBI (link below supplied by Q) local police, and other appropriate local agencies. Contacting several may help assure that action is taken.


See the links below for IPOT videos with commentaries and explanations about these latest Q posts, and the posts themselves in a Rumor Mill News summary.



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