#dgfffcf “Why Is This Tweet So YUUUGE?!”

May 28, 2018

Thread by @TheSharpEdge1: “Allow me to indulge myself with a theory… Yesterday, a cryptic tweet was sent from @GenFlynn’s account, with this picture of Weinstein, HR […]” #QAnon #MAGA #Trump #Q


Allow me to indulge myself with a theory…

Yesterday, a cryptic tweet was sent from @GenFlynn‘s account, with this picture of Weinstein, HRC & Huma at a Planned Parenthood Gala. The caption reads, “Dgfffcf”. The tweet was later deleted.

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Flynn’s son explained that Fynn’s account had been hacked. Fynn’s Twitter acct had remained virtually silent for 6 mo’s and an anon hacker posts this from his acct? Curious. Why would a hacker go thru the trouble of posting this pic with random gibberish?
Weinstein turned himself in yesterday over rape charges, before paying the $1M cash bail & receiving an ankle monitor.

Are we to believe the picture posted from Fynn’s acct, along with cryptic text is purely coincidence? An accidental slip of the hand by this hacker? Curiouser. 

Assuming this individual who went through the effort to hack into Fynn’s acct, wasn’t merely posting gibberish, and instead posted a code,

the next question is: what in the world could ‘Dgfffcf’ mean?

Allow me to connect some dots thru the seedy underbelly of Hwood & DC.


Let’s start w Allison Mack who was arrested on 4/20/18 for crimes related to her role in the NXIVM sex cult-known for enslavement, torture & mind control of victims. Here’s the kicker-her victims weren’t just adults. Her unsealed indictment included child sex trafficking. #Qanon
Following her arrest,

#Qanon posted this,

explaining that Mack was naming big names in Hollywood and local/federal govt.

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Only weeks later NY AG Eric Schneiderman stepped down amid his own sex scandal accusations. Victims claim he strangled, slapped & threatened to kill them. His X describes his brutal treatment: calling her ‘slave’ while slapping her repeatedly. Sounds similar to NXIVM.
Q confirmed that Schneiderman was one of the names that Mack named, and explained how Schneiderman’s removal from office was imperative in order to move forward on high profile NY cases that were being obstructed, such as: Weiner laptop, Clinton Foundation & NXIVM.
#QAnon #MAGA
With Schneiderman out of the picture, investigations of the Weiner laptop, CF & NXIVM move forward full throttle. A couple wks later Weinstein turns himself in over rape charges. Will Weinstein sing, just as Mack did? Interesting book choice he carried yesterday would signal-yes. 
If Weinstein plans to name names, who’s on the list? Well, a couple of names come to mind off the bat.

Brian Singer and David Geffen.

Singer was recently featured in the documentary, ‘An Open Secret,’ exposing rampant pedophilia in Hollywood.

#Qanon #MAGA #Trump @potus

Now, on to David Geffen- billionaire Hwood mogul, financier of Weinstein, partner w Singer, well connected to Hwood elites, politicians, royals & Roths, who donates & works w Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative. (Research by @ElemiFuentes– can’t link it here)


NXIVM cult members donated thousands to HRC’s campaign IN EXCHANGE FOR ???

Didn’t Flynn’s tweet say something about HRC emails involving money laundering & child sex crimes?

Wait. Were snuff film transactions laundered thru the Clinton Foundation?!…

Interesting note: snuff films fall under the genre of ‘Found Footage Films’ (FFF’s) for short.

FFF’s are films using RAW footage.

Hold on. Where have I heard that word before? Oh, that’s right.

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Time to tie it all together:

Dgfffcf tweet frm Flynn’s acct w pic of Weinstein, HRC & HUMA, on the same day Weinstein was arrested.

Weinstein naming names?D. Geffen perhaps?

Dg=David Geffen involved in
fff=found footage films
cf=laundered thru CF & on Weiner laptop

So, is this the answer to the mysterious #Dgfffcf tweet yesterday?

Who knows?!

Well, I guess SOME ONE knows.

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