Live chat with George Webb: Gehlen, Kissinger, Polish pilots, Cuba?

Aug 17, 2019

(GC Note: George Webb is hard to follow, since his detailed analyses develop over many, many videos, and perhaps he is not entirely trustworthy, since he unapologetically defends some crooked characters in Israel (and minimizes the Mossad blackmail aspects of the Epstein-Maxwell team), but his research seems very solid and he digs faaaaar deeper than most. His ‘big picture’ is perhaps more comprehensive than any other I’ve come across. Here with John O’Laughlin he summarizes his latest series of videos (on his own utube channel) where he has uncovered some very important links between Epstein, Les Wexner, Kissinger, Robert Maxwell, Imran Awan, Lisa Page, Fast and Furious, Iran-Contra, the post-Soviet “Megawatts for Megatons” nuclear conversion program, the Mena, Arkansas drug trafficking ring, GHWBush’s CIA, Ehud Barak, post-war Nazis like Reinhard Gehlen, Operation Gladio, and in general a vast “drugs for arms” network that unites most of the most horrendous folks who have trudged this planet since WW2. He says that Epstein’s most important role for these folks, at least early on, was as a pilot, hired by OSS (later CIA) agent Donald Barr, and later an accomplice of his son William Barr, our current AG. Therefore Webb believes Barr is part of the Epstein cover-up and will divert prosecution of his cronies in any way possible.)