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"Can you see me now?"

“Can you see me now?”

"Just a little dab will do ya"

“Just a little dab will do ya”
[ Editor’s Note: This is a huge story, not just in itself, because it is a “tip of the iceberg” one. I won’t get into a chemical weapons briefing here, but the key question is what is the most important ingredient that weaponizes these chemical agents?]

The public generally thinks that has to do with dispersing them so they are easier to inhale. But that is not the case, because you can just breath or cough them out with no permanent damage.

The key weaponizing ingredient is a bonder that sticks to the inside of your lungs, and you can’t cough it out, and it kills you. The companies selling this stuff know what a critical agent this is; and to claim they don’t know where this stuff is going, as it is a widely-used item, is baloney. They are vulnerable to more than just an “aiding and abetting” situation here.

Let’s just go back to some recent news in Aleppo, the five-foot long chemical weapons rockets suddenly falling on pro-Damascus neighborhoods. Do you think that the people firing those don’t know that using chemical weapons will make people leave as refugees as fast as their legs will carry them?

Do you think that Turkey is not aware of these being used, as it helps increase the number of refugees for him to blackmail the EU with? Would you guess that certain German companies might have sold such agents to Turkey, and possibly how many other countries and cut-outs?

ISIL chemical rockets used in the Ghouta attack in Sryia

ISIL chemical rockets used in the Ghouta attack in Syria

Can you remember hearing any news of any company being busted for “loose controls” in selling this stuff, despite the tremendous War on Terror surveillance we have all been under since 9-11? Why is it that they seem to be in a VIP fast lane for getting around all of the security monitoring?

We shall keep an eye on how much traction this story gets, or if corporate media leaves it alone, which will tell us a lot. Gordon has done his usual good work at getting through (and quickly) the smokescreen straw buyers to hide where the stuff is really going. That establishes intent to deceive…

 Jim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  March 10, 2016 –

The 5th Regiment of the people’s militia in the Iraqi province of Anbarin the city of Ramadi discovered these new warehouses.

In the video, an officer of the national militia not only pointed to the canisters containing the dangerous substance, but also showed the procedure that the militants used to produce these chemical weapons. They charged their missiles and mines with it.

The ISIS warehouse for chemical weapons in Saudi Arabia

The ISIS warehouse for chemical weapons in Saudi Arabia

“This is a so-called mixer. The common people call it the ‘beater’. Over here the chemicals were mixed with secondary raw materials in order to fill them into mines and rockets, which they (Daesh) then launched at the security forces and civilians,” the officers of the national militia said.