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hackersIn Germany, a hacker group has filed a criminal complaint accusing the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel of illegally helping the United States spy on Germans. Outcry in Germany previously erupted over news the U.S. spied on Merkel’s cellphone. But the Chaos Computer Club now accuses Merkel’s government of illegally collaborating with the National Security Agency and its British counterpart. In a recent interview with the German TV station NDR, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden described the relationship between German and U.S. spy agencies.

Edward Snowden: “I would describe it as intimate. As a matter of fact, the first way I described it in our written interview was that the German services and the U.S. services are in bed together. They not only share information, the reporting of results from intelligence, but they actually share the tools and the infrastructure; they work together against joint targets in services. And there’s a lot of danger in this.”