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Detachment is one of our hardest lessons, especially when it involves someone or something we care deeply about. It is easy to detach from things we can easily release, or practice acceptance with someone whose actions do not touch our hearts. In those cases we say ‘this and not that’, give me the lesson but don’t involve this person, open the doors to a new opportunity but don’t take me out of my comfort zone, let me separate from this situation but don’t let it impact that person. But we have to take a different approach if we are to manifest from a place of wholeness and be open to limitlessness.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t ‘have our cake and eat it too’, so to speak. It means that we have to practice detachment and acceptance without fear that one gain means another loss. All transformation involves adjustments and sometimes the adjustments are in areas that we didn’t consider or weren’t ready to release. When we work with energy and we begin shifting connections, everything moves to a new and different level. Yes, an action in one direction creates action in other areas and sometimes those changes are unexpected but they all contribute to the outcome we want to create.

When we ask the Universe to partner with us in creating change, we have to be open to every possibility, which exceeds those things we think are safe or possible. Being open to unlimited potential means opening our awareness to things we have not yet considered as possible, letting go of limitations in every area of our life, including our beliefs, attachments, connections, and expectations. Our vision may be big but it is limited by our experience of what we think can happen. When the Universe opens a door, it generally opens far wider than we could ever imagine. To quote Wayne Dyer, no matter how hard we try, we cannot see our own ears (we can’t see our own face either). Do we have the courage to be open to limitless possibilities?

Our ‘give me this but not that’ perspective creates limitations that do not allow the full expression of our potential or expansion of our energy. When we ask for something and then start limiting energy flow, we cancel the limitless aspects of our potential and limit it to what we think is possible (which is actually quite limited). If we’re willing to let go of every expectation and let the Universe guide us through the transformation, we will remember that this is also possible for everyone, according to their abilities and willingness to embrace their own limitlessness. A better way to approach this is to set an intention to be open to everything and watch the miracles flow into our lives and to remember that this is a potential that everyone can embrace, when they are willing to expand into their own limitless potential.

Give me This but Not That

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