Reader Suggestion about the Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure

0Laura: Paul has just sent me this email, which i think is great! I will also ask them to decloak on that day above the white house (if possible.. air force will be super tight on the day as that area always is guarded anyway) or anywhere near that is safe for them.
However, please don’t feel disappointed if it is not possible for them to respond directly and immediately to us on the day, from my experience working with them and with spirit, this is not the way they operate. Their way is patience and allowing all of us to wake up. They don’t like to force any issues or bring arguments in our society. their way is: it will take what it will take, better to wait till all agree on how to see us and all to truly welcome us. I know many people don’t agree with their apporach and are fed up of waiting. It is their decision to chose when and how is best for the to make their presence fully known without fear, presure or starting wars or any fake invasion operation on the books by our well intentioned covert governments with our taxes.. so whatever happens… patience and have no expectations is the best policy. I wish I had the full picture, but as human, my perspective is limited :) . Love as always, Laura
Dear Laura, I am writing you today to ask for you’re assistance on a matter I feel is of great importance to us all. What I’m about to say in this letter has been burning deep inside me, literally screaming to get out. So, here it is.
The Citizen hearings on disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington DC taking place on 4-29-13 thru 5-3-13.
I formally and lovingly request on these dates of 4-29-13 thru 5-3-13 that you, and all the people who want disclosure to happen, to pour as much positive energy and intent that you can muster at these hearings to finally bring down the barrier of lies, and open the doors of truth, once and for all. To let all the people of this planet know “we are not alone”. It is also my intention to ask all who read this to assist in a request to give our Galactic family a loving and open invitation to make an appearance or showing at this building during these hearings. Or perhaps other locations as well. Just imagine for a moment, how perfect this prime open door opportunity to be for such an event to occur. Glorious indeed! The lame stream media would hopefully eat this up to boost their ratings. Ladies and gentlemen, Boy oh boy do we have the story of the century for you tonight! I profoundly feel that if enough people make an honest and loving intent for such an invitation, this very well could happen. So, I ask all of you, please take some time out of you’re day and meditate, pray, or just ask for this.Lets give our Galactic family an invitation. This very well could be a ground breaking event!
I am also sending this request to a few other web sites in high hopes of getting the word out to as many as possible. Please share this request as you see fit. even post it on the site is great to. I would love to hear back from you on what you’re thoughts are on this.
Much Love to you, Paul Skorka.