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BeThePeace on September 21 // Join a Massive Global Meditation for Peace
How would you like to participate in one of the largest globally-synchronized
meditation and prayer events in history?
On September 21, 2012, the International Day of Peace, hundreds of
organizations and thousands of individuals worldwide will join together as ONE for
BeThePeace will feature public meditation/prayer events hundreds of cities
worldwide from starting at 6 pm in local timezones, creating a profound planetary
wave of peace.
There will also be three Global Attunements for Peace during the day when
everyone can connect via telecast at the same time: 12am, 12noon, and 12
midnight EDT,creating three deep planetary pulses of peace. And throughout the
day, people will be able to connect virtually via a Global Care Room, in which
people can ‘see’ each other as points of light on a spinning Google Earth map,
providing a stunning visual image of the global field forming in real time before
your eyes.
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Local organizations are invited to collaborate and create events in their city. You
can too. Find out more at Global organizations are invited to
spread the word and inspire all networks to join.
Join us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by sharing photos of yourself holding
“I Am Peace” posters with the hashtag #BeThePeace. Let’s show the world what
World Peace looks like!
Join us!
Thank you!
Alfred Lambremont Webre