Goddess Energy, Divine Feminine & Glastonbury Magic with Ruth Watson

Jun 30, 2019

Goddess Energy, Divine Feminine & Glastonbury Magic with Ruth Watson // We share tips on how to source from the sacred feminine so you can feel more balanced, juicy, and alive! Only 2 Spots Left for my MAUI FEMININE AWAKENING RETREAT 🙂 (Sept 18-23rd) ⭐ Ruth Watson’s Youtube Channel: & Instagram: @ruth_watson_ in this video I talk about what feminine energy is to me, (what is an empowered woman) and what a feminine woman is like to me, I also talked about how important femininity is for Humanity. Glastonbury has a very different kind of energy. It has a very yin, feminine energy. There’s the merging of the masculine and feminine through the sacred springs and the Ley lines that snake up the Glastonbury Tor. There is a strong emphasis on the feminine. For millennia the feminine has been pushed out by the masculine and that resurgence is coming back. There’s a strong contrast of black and white or light and dark. There’s an angelic high light field and then the energy of the dark energy or the crow. Both spiritual energies play there. It’s about sourcing from our intuition, creativity, and expression. I’m finding myself as a woman it can be challenging to bring all of that empowerment together as sovereign energy. In the world now, the soft or gentle energy isn’t valued and there isn’t room for that. Transitioning the yang go go go into a maternal feminine. The version of women’s empowerment in a distorted way has become women becoming men. Lots of women want to soften and go into the natural flow, but there’s so much pressure so how do we balance that energy. There’s a place for it. It’s just about listening to yourself and finding a space to express that energy. The goddess energy, divine feminine, and positive energy are held in Glastonbury or old Avalon. It is a space for the sacred feminine to tap into the feminine, experience womb healing, spiritual growth, spiritual development, and ascension energies as a lightworker or starseed. Spirituality is about mindfulness and when you’re present in this space it creates a lot of energy for the law of attraction to manifest. Through raising your frequency, personal development, prana cultivation, personal growth… as an empath or highly sensitive person, you can accelerate your spiritual awakening through tapping into this primal energy. My DIVINE FEMININE PLAYLIST:… Glastonbury Sacred Site Energies:… On this channel, I share info on personal development, the law of attraction, health, how to raise your frequency, balance, empowerment, and spirituality.