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It looks like we’re truly in the endgame!

To get the larger picture, scroll to the bottom of this article, and work your way back through the weeks to see what has been going on. You bet I think we’re in the end game, because years ago I read the Fed had cleaned out Fort Knox and replaced the gold with tungsten bars simply covered in gold. The story was laughed at back then, but for some reason I believed it. ~J

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gold and silver bars

With last week’s announcement by the Bundesbank of the repatriation of 674 tons of German gold from Paris and NY over the next 7 years, we predicted that an avalanche of gold repatriation requests would soon be made to the BOE and the NYFed.

It appears that Switzerland may be next to the game, much to the dismay of the SNB. The Swiss gold initiative, an initiative to Secure the Swiss National Bank’s Gold Reserveslaunched in March 2012 by four members of the Swiss parliament, has grown to 90,000 supporters.

Once 100,000 supporters are achieved, the Swiss Parliament must take up the referendum.

The initiative asserts that the Swiss people should have a right to vote on 3 thingsnone of which will please the banking cartel:
Click here for more on the Swiss Gold Initiative. 

Jim Sinclair: German Gold Repatriation is the Most Significant Gold Event in 50 Years, Beginning of the End of the US Dollar As Reserve Currency