Friday, August 9, 2013 23:19

(Before It’s News)

Did you know that anyone who has access to your computer can get ahold of all of your saved passwords if you use Google Chrome? Though Google knows about this security risk, they have no intentions to fix it as they feel that it is not a problem. DAHBOO77 in the video below feels that it is and after finding out just how quickly I was able to access all of my saved passwords on chrome, felt this was one that needs to be brought out into the open for you to decide, is this a potential risk for you? From Blur Brain.:

If your default browser is Chrome and you save passwords try this little trick…

Enter “chrome://settings/passwords”

You’ll get this:

Now click that little blue button that says “Show”…SURPRISE! There’s your password in plain text for anyone to read.

Yup, if you leave your computer unguarded anyone can come along and get all the user names and passwords to your favorite websites.

It’s been like that since 2008 when Chrome was first released. And yes, Google is aware of it but doesn’t consider it a problem and has no intention of changing it.