Government Can Lie, YOU Can’t with Robert David Steele

Aug 23, 2018

Sign up for the FREE IBS, SIBO SOS Summit at… Sign up for the 4-part FREE series and learn how to make your own medicine (Think unique Christmas gift): http://thegrownetwork.pages.ontraport… Learn more about the Red Tea that flushes fat, detoxes, and revs your metabolism: Episode Description: Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the incredibly corrupt law that Obama and Congress put in place allowing government to Lie to the American People both in media AND in Federal court. Officials can lie in court if the issue is of national security, which almost all matters today, are national security. We also discuss the historic unity of Whistleblowers coming together in a 30+ page memorandum directly to Donald Trump addressing the 911 attack. It is now fact that over half of Americans know that 911 was a plan false flag perpetrated on the American people. Important Links:…………