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all the secret societiesThese pages will show you who is at the center of this spider web of secrete societies, Rome  and the pope.

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    Brief History on Secret Societies      

1717 The Masonics Grand Lodge of England was founded. (England was a protestant nation.

Freemasonry was created to infiltrate protestantism.)

1721 The First Masonic Lodge was founded in France.

1731 Benjamin Franklin was initiated as a Freemason.

1738 The Roman Catholic Church condemns Freemasonry. (Rome wants all finger pointing to go to the Masons. But the insiders know that          Freemasons is controlled by the Jesuits.)

1758 Sir Francis Dashwood founded the Hell-Fire Club. Benjamine Franklin visits England to discuss the future of America colonies with Dashwood.

1768 Foundation of the Rige of the Strict Observance (33 degree) by Baron Von Hund, based on the Templar tradition. Frederick of Prussia          founded the Order of the Architects of Africa and uses the title “Illuminati” to describe his neo-Masonic lodges.

1770 Benjamin Franklin was elected Grand Master of Nine Sister lodge in Paris.

1771 Grand Orient Masonry was founded in France.

1776 Order of Perfectibilist or Illuminati was founded. The American Revolution was started.

1778 Peter I founded the Secret Circle.

1785 Grand Masonic Congress allegedly plotted the French Revolution. The Illuminati was banned in Baveria and went underground.

1789 The French Revelution.

1784 Illuminist conspiracy to overthrow the Hapsburgs, monarchs of the Holy Roman Empire.

Quote: “Moreover, the pope has thousands of secret agents worldwide. They include Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, and others. The Vatican’s Intelligence Service and its field resources are second to none.”

Dave Hunt 1994, American Baptist Historian.

A Woman Rides the Beast, Dave Hunt, (Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1994) p. 87

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