Thank you Brenda for this one…-A,M,

From: Cmdr.Lady Athena <>
To: karinstenius <>
Sent: Mon, Mar 17, 2014 3:29 pm

Greetings fellow Ground Crew Members,
icon_alertWhat I’ve been hearing inwardly is to stay alert for the sudden & unexpected changes that can develop at any moment in any location.
I also urge everyone to do what you are able to do to have some extra water and provisions whatever you might need in your particular location, just in case your area is next.
We are entering a time of accelerated Earth changes & this is what always occurs during every 13,000 & 26,000 year cycle along with a corresponding shift in Consciousness.
I’m fairly certain that you are all familiar with all the advice, theories & speculations about what is occurring & currently being shared from a variety of sources & levels of awareness. However there is no human being that can accurately foretell what will happen overall, as human consciousness in it’s collectivity decides for the masses.
For the Light Workers, if they truly are such, there is no need for concern for you have incarnated at this time knowing full well what you’d signed up for & well equipped to surf the waves of these changes.
Change is what is happening now–so each needs to find that inner place of peace, acceptance & surrender to the Divine Will & plan; to trust THAT & by pass the temptation to buy into the fear & emotional drama that occupies so many now.
The only enduring & secure place to shelter in these times is within the Awareness of your own immortal Divine Presence & Existence.That Divine-Spirit that you truly are remains as unaffected as your shadow by whatever it passes over in these dimensions of space-time-causation.
Your task is to look within & listen to what YOU are receiving as your inner intuitive directives & to not allow yourself to be distracted nor distraught by all the outer clamoring.This desperate clamoring & seeking for worldly & materialistic solutions & answers will only increase as people become more & more afraid of the global changes that are occurring. They’ll run from channel to channel, alleged prophet to prophet seeking answers–but none will be found without.

Other worldly entities are not in control & you upon Earth are not in control–but THAT which is within you & all sentient Beings–THAT created & sustains all life–IS in control. It is to THAT Divine Spirit that we must turn to for our individual direction & personal revelation.
Most important of all is the cultivation & practicing of an ongoing (24/7)  intimate connection with the Divine Presence within you—as you; that alone is all that matters in the long run.
Now is the time to live from the Awareness & knowing that you’ve been able to realize through all of your Spiritual practices & learning up to now; more will be activated & will surface in your conscious Awareness as needed.
KNOW that you live, move & have your Being in God & that you are an Immortal Spirit having only a fleeting immersion in “human consciousness/identification”.
Now is the time to live nobly & expansively beyond bodily attachments—aware of yourself as a field of energy-awareness-consciousness unlimited by physical definition & vulnerability.
Then when it is your time to step into the next dimension of ongoing life–however that may occur for you,  it will be as simple as exiting one room in God’s House of Many Mansions & entering another.
The best approach is to live in God–for God–& Godly—as God’s unconditional loving compassion in service to humanity & all life– sincerely, selflessly–with all your heart.
Loving blessings & Grace be upon you all,