Part 6: Hail To The Officer...Seriously!
July 18-22, 2013
After a night of large flying insects whizzing by our food and faces, we opted to hang out inside the tent. It had been a long day and we both felt the immense "lifting" we had done that afternoon for our beloved ancestors. Despite every attempt to remain awake and enjoy the beautiful cadence of nature's song, we both fell fast asleep.

I knew I had to get going the next morning, as I had some urgent business to address in town. The first thing was to find an internet connection, so I hit the local McDonalds (about a half hour away) in order to blog, answer e-mails, follow up on orders, etc. Meanwhile Steve was tearing down the campsite and watching after the four dogs.
I thought of him and what he must have been dealing with. It could not have been easy, considering the thunder was clapping and one of my dogs was exceptionally sensitive to these sorts of noises. I clicked on the weather station only to hear that they had just announced downpours moving into our location. I quickly drove up the mountain back to the campsite, only to find all five of them out of sorts. There was still much to load up with looming dense obsidian colored cloud hovering right above us. We knew it was going to burst any minute, as we raced around the site throwing things into the car at a record pace. A steady stream of droplets began, as we jumped into the car and looked at each other's dampened appearance. Then, all at once, the clouds unloaded buckets and buckets of rain. We managed to leave by 3:30 p.m. with our dogs strapped in and ourselves a bit soaked.

It was late in the day and neither of us had eaten lunch. Steve was estimating how far we could get, since we left much later than was anticipated. The southerly scenic route called my attention, meandering though sparse and sleepy bucolic towns. The golden rolling hills were dotted with fluorescent and thriving trees like those that I had never seen. Everything was so alive!
Our drive was like a child's game of leapfrog, as we hopped from the 12 south to the 127 east. Then the 23 south to the 127 southeast again. The 412 east to the 21 south, and then the 16 east to the 7 south, where we couldn't make it one more minute without some sort of food in our bellies. The map portrayed a few eating spots which never came to pass, primarily because the economy had really hit Mid-America. The minimal presence that did exist in these unfamiliar towns of population 53 was about three downtown commerce buildings, and most of them advertised a For Rent sign in the corner of the window.
We began to wonder if there was such a thing as a restaurant in these small towns because we sure hadn't seen any for countless miles. Up to this point, pulling food out of the back wasn't an option since much of what we packed was tossed into the car in a disorganized fashion and to get to it would be somewhat of a challenge. On top of that, the rain followed us everywhere we turned. But finally, I couldn't wait any longer. My head was pounding and my stomach was growling, so I didn't care how hard it was raining. I was going to retrieve some sort of consumable no matter what.

We pulled over to the side of the road off the 7, literally chowing down string cheese, veggie chips, and hard boiled eggs, trail mix, and cheese and crackers ... sounds like a real well balanced meal, huh? Well it appeased our appetites and felt like a feast for the kings. We just sat in our car, munching away, watching the drops of rain collide with the windshield, and wondering if this weather would ever let up.
Once we reached the highway, 40 east towards Little Rock, we missed the Motel 6 in Russelville. It was ok by me since I was in the mood to make treks and get closer to Little Rock as soon as possible. Conway's Motel 6 was already booked up so we travelled on to North Little Rock, arriving there by 10 pm that evening. The rain never stopped escorting us along the way, something we had grown accustomed to. The deluge began after our first anchoring in Ash Fork, AZ and we knew Mother Earth was doing her part to support our etheric work by cleansing on the physical. It felt reassuring in a way.
After a few days the rain became our familiar friend, despite the additional work it required of cleaning off our dogs bellies and paws after every potty break, as well as the racing to and from the hotel rooms with all of our gear.

Room 106 was a welcome sight for the weary travelers and because of the constant schedule we had been keeping, we decided to stay not only on the 19th but through the 21st, leaving on the 22nd. We were so exhausted and intensely processing, not to mention the fact that I desperately needed to get caught up on various tasks, including my website and workload. The downtime was sorely needed.
We slept in for the very first time, leaning over to the digital read out on my phone to find it was past 10:00 a.m. Wow! I can't remember the last time I slept that late! The funny thing was I was refreshed yet still so tired. I knew I was processing a lot on every level, I thought to myself. The day unfolded with breakfast, blogging, and walking the dogs in a park close to our room. The dogs had a lot of pent up energy, after so many miles of travel, so you can imagine how exhilarating it was to see them run and run and run. They just couldn't tell us enough "thank you for the freedom."
We decided to actually play tourist for the rest of the day and scope out some of the area in Little Rock. We stumbled upon Burns Park, an amazingly organized state park with compartmentalized areas for every type of sport you can think of... there was a section for basketball, rugby, soccer, tennis, fitness, archery, volleyball, racquetball, softball, 2 golf courses, and more. I turned to Steve asserting that this must have been an old military camp because of its ultra-organized layout, only to find out later that indeed it was. You want to know another reason I was suspicious of this? Because I actually read a sign that stated, "This is an old military training facility. If you find any explosives, leave area immediately and call 911." I just stood there with my mouth opened, wondering, "Now what if we didn't make it out of the park to call 911?" This would never have lasted in California, one of the litigious capitals of the world.

We cruised through some of the old neighborhoods to check out the architecture and then tiredly returned to our hotel. It was another early night and we passed out once again early.

The next morning was an early one once again, with Steve up at 7 a.m. It was the 22nd and our plan was to reach Nashville, Tennessee by early afternoon. We were anxious to meet up with our friend Ari Kopel and review a property that she wanted us to check out in Bath Springs. Our plan was to stay on the property and walk the area to see what energetic pull we got.
We continued all the way with very few stops and gladly arrived around 3:45 p.m. It was a great time, comparing notes on our latest perspectives of the spiritual community, what was going on energetically around the world, and what we craved to bring forward for the planet and the new Golden Age. We had a wonderful discussion and once again, as if starving, grabbed a pizza and drove west for the first time in over a week. It was dinner on the road once again. The destination was Bath Springs, TN, a small town about an hour and a half outside of Memphis.
The drive was very scenic, with fortified rock walls holding up hanging ivy and lustrous plants and trees. The rain continued on and off as we drove through pitch-black back roads to a place we had no knowledge of.

We reached Bath Springs around 9:30 p.m. only to receive a rude welcoming from the local Parson's police department. With the siren blaring and the blue lights flashing, I immediately called in The Light for some help to avoid any tickets or having to pay any fines for speeding. I asked the officer why he was pulling us over. He hesitated to answer me at first, a bit shocked to see two adults, four dogs, and our entire luggage and boxes packed to the ceiling actually fitting in our little Honda SUV. The officer said I was speeding and ignored the signage revealing the change from 55mph to 30 mph. I began to pull out my license while Steve collected the insurance card and registration in hand, when, get this, Lt. Hail stopped us and told us to put it away. "I don't need that. You're not from here so what good is that gonna do for me. I apologize for the signs. They are hard to see, and if you're not from here you don't know they are there." All I could do was telepathically thank The Ashtar Command and a few other Light Beings. It became obvious later that he was literally thrust into our path for a very good reason.
We gratefully received thorough directions to the house in Bathe Springs, apparently only about 10-15 minutes away. I was exhausted, the dogs were getting restless, and all of us just couldn't wait to get out of the car. I was dreading the evening walks with the dogs, in the pitch black, in an unknown neighborhood, with unknown critters... It hadn't even been more than 5 minutes when I saw the dreaded flashing blue lights again. Was I speeding? I didn't think so, and then I saw in my mind's eye that it was our Officer Hail once again. He stopped us to apologize because he felt he gave us inaccurate directions and wanted to save us 4 miles of travel time.
We were so appreciative, recounted from memory his suggestions, and took off once again. I would have to say he was one of the nicest police officers I had ever encountered throughout my years of being on the road.
When we finally reached the house, the dogs across the street went ballistic, as did mine. Welcome to the neighborhood, especially at 10:30 p.m. at night! We entered the house only to find that the mice had really made themselves at home, with the stench of a too-long-closed-up house mixed with the smell of urine and mold. No matter how badly I just wanted to crash, it wasn't in the cards for us. My husband was freaked by the health considerations to ourselves and our dogs, so back in the car we jumped, heading now to the closest Motel 6 I could find on the internet - another 40 miles. It was going to be another late night.
We decided to backtrack, drive east into Parsons, and stop for gas just in case we ran into another long stretch without gas availability. According to the AAA triptik, it was the only gas station for miles and miles. Thinking we were planning ahead for a long drive in the black of the night, we pulled into the solely opened gas station only to run into Officer Hail again. Considering this was his third time to run into us, he was disappointed and wondering if he had incorrectly relayed the directions to us again? "Did we get lost?" he asked. After a very detailed explanation (he didn't want to miss any particulars), we shared that we had 4 dogs, needed to find a motel, but the only one we knew that took animals and didn't charge us a fee per pet was Motel 6.

After 3 phone calls on the part of Officer Hail, we drove into the local Parsons Inn. "It's not the Ritz or nothing," Officer Hail proclaimed. Did we care? Hell no! We were so exhausted, as were our four dogs who needed to eat and be walked before we could even think about passing out on the bed. I guess Officer Hail saw what we felt, and insisted on escorting us directly to the front entrance of the hotel to prevent any possible losing our way scenarios. He even waited inside the lobby, asking the front desk clerk to "make sure you give these nice folks a good deal." We gladly stayed at this motel, despite it being one of the worst ones we have stayed in for a very long time. The toilet wasn't bolted to the floor, the shower didn't work well, there was barely enough room for your knees to fit between the toilet and the shower, the lock didn't function properly, the carpets were filthy, and there were no accessible electrical plugs. The price was right however, and we had things to accomplish. We ended up staying 2 nights because of what we needed to do. We crashed shortly after unloading the car.
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