Welcome to November and the start of the New Spiritual Year, on November 3rd. This is going to be an awesome year since the Festival of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi’s Light Festival falls exactly on November 3rd which is the date we also enter the New Spiritual year.
On The day of Diwali people offer their Love & Puja To Mother Kali…..The Goddess of Time….
There will be a great Celebration on the Last day of Hindu Calander twelve Months….last day of Aaso month is Diwali or say Deepawali…Line or the Chain of Lights…lamps at every House holders Front door…along with Rangoli with colors….and people will celebrate the Ocasion with Fireworks….
The New year will start on 3rd of Nov. 2013….and the people will meet and will revive their Relations if it is not o.k….and they forget and forgive the faults of the friends and Family members and start the Life with New Consciousness….With Love & Light of the New Year day…..
They will eat and share sweets with family & Friends…..