KingCobraI am back and I can genuinely say I HAVE BEEN CHANGED PERMANENTLY!  The Cobra Conference was one of the most enriching experiences of my life and so much information was clarified and revealed throughout the weekend.  It was an honor  to have assisted Cobra and Rob with this conference in the beautiful city of Laguna Beach, CA.  Despite the fact that there were far more attendees than originally expected (80 attendees),  we found ourselves feeling that our soul family had gathered for a reunion.  Everyone felt familiar, unconditional,  familial, close, trusted, and accepting.  There was NO judgment.  Peace, love, excitement, and a deep need to know the truth unified us all.  Cobra gave ample allowance for all questions to be answered, to the point where we were satiated.  Now that is a true gift!

We have a stronger knowingness that we are spearheading an unstoppable Movement of Light around the globe.  Through intuition, courage and tenacity we have all attracted this event into our lives at this time, specifically at a crossroad for humanity to step forward into a new paradigm.  Through Cobra’s insights and unquestionable intel, we walked away with a unshakable confidence that all is well and we are soon to be free!  It is up to us not to lose sight of those before us, who have worked, struggled, and died fearlessly to reveal the truth and provide hope for an unencumbered future which is now in our grasp.   We truly represent the joy of what it will feel like to be dancing in the streets singing “Victory to The Light!”

Because the information relayed is so imperative for ears to hear at this time, we are creating a large compilation of notes from the conference for others to review.  This needs to go viral so that we can continue to wake others up to the positive realities we are facing with as little confusion and fear as possible.  Our group will continue to go forward in whatever capacity we feel comfortable doing to spread the word of The Light.  We have been so moved by our time together that we will be remaining in touch, planning events, coordinating road trips, etc.  Several of us have committed to the Sunday afternoon meditations to assist in increasing the light quotient and decreasing the archon hold.

Continue to check back for more updates and information from The Laguna Beach Cobrassss Group for we have great things ahead for all to participate in!

We love you all and we carry the Torch for Triumph!  We are Victorious!  We stand with The Light!