zetaThe Call:

The concept of The Call is but an extension of concepts humans are familiar with. One goes to the porch to call the family into dinner. One picks up the phone to call another in order to converse. When giving The Call to aliens, humans are issuing a request for contact, without a voice, without words, but the meaning is sent and understood nonetheless, by telepathic and other such wordless and wireless means. The Call is made, received, and understood, and a conference is subsequently arranged. There are times of loneliness, despair, wrenching concern for a loved one injured or in trouble, times the individual wants to offer themselves in the loved one’s stead, times when the path to follow is not clear and there is indecision and hesitation at the gateway, times when another is viewed as a blockage to be removed by physical and potentially violent and harmful means – these sorts of times occur, not daily, but many times in a lifetime. These are times of The Call.

The individual is in control of alien interactions affecting him or her self. This is in fact intuitively understood by most humans, even those who are unaware of alien influences over their lives. The reason this is intuitively understood is because of interactions not consciously remembered. All humans give The Call, and do so frequently during any given lifetime.

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Who Takes The Call
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Call is answered by all sorts, depending on the nature of The Call. When The Call is issued in the Service-to-Other, ourselves and our brethren in the Service-to-Other answer. The choice of whom a given caller is dealing with is not made by anything so arbitrary as take-a-number, or dividing up the cities. The choice is by type of activity, and if The Call one gives falls into a certain category, then that particular Service-to-Other alien group responds. Although there are many Service-to-Others groups at work, hundreds, in fact, this is far easier to maintain, as the group’s scan can be set for certain types of thoughts, and all who trip the scan will receive a response. This is simple and direct.

When The Call is given in the Service-to-Self, unpleasant visitations can arise. This may confuse some people who feel that they were sincerely calling out of concern and love, in a prayer, for instance. Prayer is often encapsulated in a request to be saved from distress, so it is easy to see how self concern can creep into such a Call, even though this Call is structured in what some in human society would term as a loving or religious way and not at all self centered. Fear, in and of itself, is a mechanism that those in the Service-to-Self use to drive those leaning in that direction, those contemplating those thoughts, further in that direction. Those who are fearful are very much looking out for themselves. Yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater, and how many people think of others. They think of themselves.

Service-to-Self Call
Note: written Jun 15, 1996

Where visitors in the Service-to-Other keep rapt attention to the thoughts of those who are preparing to give The Call, those in the Service-to-Self find such attention to others not of their liking. They delegate. Their minions, who cannot object on pain of torture, are set to monitor for the signs that someone is giving The Call to the Service-to-Self. This is done not by telepathy but by computer, which traces, surprisingly enough, a brain wave configuration generated when humans are dealing either with rage or intense defensive postures. This brain wave is generated almost continuously in those strongly in the Service-to-Self, as they are constantly enraged that their surroundings aren’t placating them! It is not the level of this brain wave that is monitored, it is the constancy, and when located this individual is watched more closely. They may get a specific invitation, periodically, as their brain wave configuration has marked them as one in the Service-to-Self, in essence giving The Call continuously due to their frustration. Of a like mind, one might say.

Awaiting the Call
Note: written Feb 15, 1996

We have stated that aliens are restrained from interfering with the free will of humans, must await The Call, and can only affect human affairs through human actions at this time. Do these rules get stretched, or have loopholes, or do aliens just watch and wait in agony? Both situations occur. Where The Call is being given almost continuously, and where the Earth is virtually swarming with alien visitors at this time, there is neither an excess of calls awaiting an answer or an excess of visitors awaiting The Call – a good balance. However, within these parameters there is great flexibility.

For example, a high priority call is where a human desiring contact is in a position to influence the course of human affairs, is in a leadership or pivotal position, and is judged to be of sufficient spiritual maturity that their resolve to complete their chosen mission is strong. Likewise, a low priority call, from the standpoint of influencing human affairs, would be a call from a human who is spiritually undecided as to their orientation, is waffling so thatneither orientation could count on them to stay the course, and is giving The Call because they are concerned with a personal matter that affects little but themselves.

Beyond which calls get attention, there is the matter of what constitutes a response. This can range all the way from a brief conference with a single visitor to an elaborate series of visits from a virtual army of aliens. There are no rules guiding alien behavior on Earth that bound or constrain the size of a response to The Call. Therefore, where we must wait, we most certainly can anticipate and prepare, and in this regard, The Call is a mutual process

Without Delay
Note: written Oct 15, 1995

The Call is most often answered as soon as it is given, unless the nature of The Call is such that preparation or timing are involved. An example of preparations might involve the human giving The Call needing to gather information or poll other humans, essentially preparing themselves for the conference. An example of timing might be where The Call involves a conference with several humans and a convenient time when they could all experience a bit of missing time needs to be arranged. The nature of The Call is such that the group called, whether in Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, does not want the moment to pass. Delays can result in a change of heart, so The Call is answered promptly.

Prime Targets
Note: written Aug 15, 1996

As the Awakening and concurrent Transformation proceed, those humans deemed to be prime targets by Service-to-Self aliens are less often those whose souls might be won to their orientation and more often individuals who might make a difference. These humans, almost invariably contactees of aliens in the Service-to-Other orientation, are not so much targeted directly as indirectly. Others close to them – children, employers, the extended family, neighbors – when giving The Call to the Service-to-Self, find their call not only answered promptly but by a team of specialists who explore to the limits possible how the human who gave The Call might be enlisted to harass and demoralize the target. This harassment is notable for being outside of what the contactee/target normally finds in their life, and this is the primary clue the contactee/target should be looking for. What are the methods used, and how might a contactee/target recognize them if they are applied to themselves or their friends.

  • Contactees in Service-to-Others concentrate hard on their missions, filled with concern for those they are trying to rescue or protect. Where those in the Service-to-Self, whether alien visitors or humans, cannot often turn the head of such a human, they can distract them. If the contactee/target depends on family or friends or employer, the reliability of such support is threatened or interrupted. Thus the contactee/target may find his work performance suddenly questioned, his spouse becoming disinterested as though an affair were in process, or the local bully taking interest in power games.
  • Contactees in Service-to-Others derive satisfaction from helping others, and where they focus on making a difference in the long term rather than on short term expressions of gratitude, they are only human, as you say, and can become demoralized. Often those humans whom the contactee/target is trying to help can be influenced by those in the Service-to-Self, as their lives are fraught with trouble and this kind of stress tends to make one self-focused. Thus, the contactee/target may find those he is trying to help surly, brushing off his offers, rejecting the premise of the assistance, demanding to be given more or different assistance, or frankly insulting.
  • Contactees in Service-to-Others have their strengths and weaknesses, and can be targeted through what might be called personal weak links. If the contactee/target feels insecure about their looks, they may find others they come in contact with drawing back as through they have bad breath or are exuding an offensive odor. If the contactee/target is worried about financial security they may find that their broker is calling with bad news. If the contactee/target simply can’t say no to aging relatives in distress over a diminished lifestyle or health problems, the target may find they are inundated with calls for help in the face of such distress. If the contactee/target can’t resist a pretty face or an admirer, they may find themselves embroiled in a romantic affair that leads at first to distractions in the form of excitement and later in the form of grief and rumination over a broken affair.
  • Just Occurred
    Note: written on Jul 15, 1995

    Most humans who have been contacted recall this not only in their subconscious but to some degree in their conscious. This cannot help but happen, as the two parts of your brain were designed to speak to each other, and constant leakage occurs. As our contacts are placed only in the subconscious, remembering a visitation is not like what an amnesiac recalls, when he allows a reconnection. There, the memory is already in the conscious, only disconnected, laying quiescent as a fragmented piece.

    When a contactee remembers, these conscious memories are being built for the first time, so there is an escalation process that occurs. Whether while analyzing a dream, or day dreaming, or under hypnosis, the process is essentially the same. A fragment pops up in the conscious, connected firmly to the subconscious, but at first not connected to any other conscious memories. However, as the fragment will contain some clues to other parts of the conscious, building connections to the conscious begins. Wasn’t that the borrowed robe worn that night spent at Cousin Joe’s on a spontaneous overnight stay? Isn’t that the childhood chum, whom one built a tree house with in the woods behind the school? Might the sharp bite of pain and temporary soreness remembered, as a tissue sample is taken from the back of the leg, relate to that odd scar that seemed to just appear one day?

    By these means the building begins, and continues apace depending on the willingness to remember. If the contactee is frightened, or generally using the route of denial to deal with these issues, the recall is blocked. Remembering remains as disconnected fragments in the conscious, perhaps never to be accessed again. If, however, the contactee desires to remember, their curiosity greater than their fear and anxiety, building conscious memories picks up steam. Musing on matters, the contactee makes more and more connections, and his life as a contactee begins to take form. Sometimes reading about the experiences of others is a trigger, and where this is used by debunkers to claim that contactees are merely suggestible hysterics, this is in fact the method used thousands of times daily by teachers, therapists, self improvement gurus, politicians, trial lawyers, preachers, and children appealing to their parents. Don’t you remember when … imagine a situation where … remember the last time you …

    Aware contactees, who have done their digging about in the subconscious and have built a solid base in their conscious almost always try to figure out ways to recall right after a visit. They notice certain correlations. The odd and untimely desire to take a solitary walk in the woods, the sense that something is different at this moment than just the moment before, or sometimes they realize they have just returned if their body jerks, or reacts in a startle response, for no reason. Contactees most often know well ahead of time about a pending visit, and their desire to be alone, in the woods or wherever, is due to their plan to sort this all out afterwards. They arrange a peaceful time for themselves. Going into a visit, the contactee is aware, telepathically, of the agenda. For instance, if all are going to discuss a project the contactee is working on, a problem there which the contactee has requested assistance on, the contactee might suddenly find himself musing about a solution he had not thought of before, and feeling less worried. This is a solid clue that a visit has occurred.

    As we frequently use the paralyzed state to transport contactees, there is often a reaction to having this state lifted. The body reacts, sometimes by being too relaxed for, for instance, a standing position and thus suddenly adjusting the body musculature to support the stance, and sometimes reacting to the sudden stimulation with a startle reflex. This too is a solid clue that a visit has just occurred.

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