This is a very delicate subject matter, as many have had experiences with Ayahuasca and they have been very positive. I have a hunch that it does much more than expand consciousness. It is my hunch that it leaves holes or openings in one’s aura that allows for entities and dark forces to attach like parasites. Many seem to have amazing speaking abilities and awareness after such Ayahuasca experiences and when you listen carefully, one can detect the disinformation embedded within the gems.

With this in mind, I would check those that we tend to follow as our source for spiritual information and insight to see if we can detect any of these subtle inconsistencies. I think that if we dug deeper, we might find that these individuals elected the use of Ayahuasca to help them receive information. The problem I find is that we don’t really know where this information is coming from or who or what is feeding it to the person….

Again, this is information meant to create awareness. Everyone of us will either stop here or read further. This will ultimately determine if one is prepared to uncover facts and possibly see  a truth that could change the way one views the world.


Posted on September 7th, 2012 by Lipstick Mystic

Schizophrenia is completely misunderstood in our culture, and sadly, people who have this condition are often over-medicated with dangerous drugs that actually make their symptoms worse and damage their livers and kidneys over time. Someone asked me how to cure schizophrenia, so I thought I’d share what’s really going on with this condition. There can be several different causes or contributing factors.

Hello, Lipstick Mystic® — nice to meet you!

I was reading your article about repairing the ajna chakra. What are the causes and the chakras involved in schizophrenia and ways of fixing them ?

Thank you. — Hanz

Dear Hanz,

There are two primary causes of schizophrenia. The first is trauma, which can be physical or emotional trauma. This damages the protective outer “shell” of the aura and creates cracks, tears, or holes. This trauma will also sometimes create cracks in the outer “web” of individual chakras on the body (those energy centers which sit over vital organs and glands.)

After this damage occurs, a variety of low vibration entities and parasitical beings can then flood into the auric field, so you have a case of entity attachments. And if the protective outer web of a chakra is heavily damaged, these entities can also take up lodging in that specific chakra and start creating disease conditions in the related organs or glands.

These entities range from relatively mild “nuisance” type entities that are negative elementals to discarnates (human or animal) to demonic entities. These entities are the cause of the mental confusion, emotional swings, and intrusion of “voices” which become common in schizophrenia.

In my past articles warning about the effects of ayahuasca, I mentioned how this powerful psychedelic can create severe mental disorders in people. One of the common problems is bipolar disorder, but schizophrenia can also happen after someone takes ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is extremely damaging to the entire system and taking it is experienced as severe trauma by the body; it creates holes in the auric field, and then any old entity can come in and attach itself. Ayahuasca also damages the outer covering or protective web which sits over the ajna and third eye chakras.

Sometimes a third cause manifests schizophrenia, and that is soul fragmentation. Sometimes after trauma (physical or emotional) a fragment of a person’s vital soul energies can fragment off. Once in a while someone who is hearing “voices” and is considered schizophrenic is actually hearing these voices of the disowned and lost fragments which need to be cleansed, healed, and then returned and integrated back into that person’s primary personality and physical body.

More often, though, I’ve found that schizophrenics seem to be suffering just from trauma/holes in the aura and entity attachments.

How to Cure Schizophrenia Using Metaphysical Healing Techniques
How do you heal schizophrenia?

Well, the “patient” has to be ready and willing to be healed; also after the healing that person can’t welcome the “voices” back in just because they get lonely (that happened to one lifelong schizophrenic I cured; he was free of the voices for the first time in thirty years but he had spent most of his life hearing them and got lonely and invited them back in!)

The holes and cracks in the outer aura need to be healed. A variety of techniques can accomplish this, including hands on energy work (although I never recommend using Reiki because of the negative entities attached to Reiki and Reiki practitioners.) You can also use visualization. Combine visualization with using a strong healing color like electric violet (deep violet with gold divine sparkles zapping around) to seal the holes; you can beam this energy out your hands to seal the holes or just visualize it. This treatment will need to be done regularly for a series of weeks or months usually, and you actually CAN do this on yourself (or a healer friend can do it for you.)

That same color, electric violet, is a powerful “exorcism” color and can be used to “zap” all negative or intrusive entities like elementals, discarnates, and demonic entities. You should zap them to expel them and then use some type of extraction technique to send these entities out of this dimension (to the Light or a higher dimension.) You can use sound energy like shamanic drumming, using a rattle, or using a Tibetan bell or chime. Set the intention that the sound vibration permanently expel these entities and clear them from your system.

To heal and restore lost soul fragments, you need to meditate and go INTO those fragments, really locate them mentally or visually, and set the intention that these fragments are cleansed of all negativity, healed and regenerated. You can ask Great Spirit/Jesus/the angels or any spiritual helpers to assist with this. Then you need to verbalize that you are permanently reclaiming these soul fragments and bringing them back, restoring them to your body; and visualize the dynamic energy of these fragments coming back into your body. Think of these fragments as shards of a mirror, and you’re bringing the pieces back together again to become whole. There are some shamanic practitioners who still do this work but they can unfortunately be hard to find. I recommend doing this for yourself during several deep meditations or prayer sessions. It might take several sessions to really feel a sense of “AHA!” as the fragments fully return. You’ll feel more energized and hopeful when you’ve reclaimed lost soul fragments. It might take anywhere from several weeks to several months post-healing for the dust to settle and for the healing work to be fully integrated into your system.

These are the basic steps, and many different healing modalities can be used to address these problems.

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