Oneness 103: 5 –

Posted: 27 Dec 2012 12:41 PM PST

Have faith in oneness. Visualize above you a 7-foot tall gold ankh that is inlaid with multiple  royal, deep blue sapphires. These sapphires are a deeper hue than the substance of the blue ankh pictured to the right and below, but this image will give you a starting part for your visualization. The gold represents your golden I Am or God Self and your light body. The royal blue sapphires portray your power of faith that you have as a creation of our Creator.

Have faith in unity. The ankh slowly descends upon you, with the bottom tip of its vertical pole entering the top center of your head and moving slowly all the way down your spine. The horizontal crossbar Ankhinblueis at the level of your throat and extends sideways via your two outstretched arms. The oval or tearshaped loop at the top of the ankh’s vertical pole surrounds your head.

Have faith in integration. The oval is like the letter O in Oneness. In the O you are one with the One. By faith, you perceive and fill with oneness. By faith in oneness, you are integrated and healed, and made whole.

Have faith in oneness. See yourself over Lake Baikal in south central Siberia. Link in unity and oneness with the ascended masters, guardian angels and space visitors who have gathered over this sacred lake. Be one with them. Together, be one with God-the-Good.

Have faith in unity. Envision a 7,000 foot tall gold ankh with spiritual sapphires embedded in it coming down from the heavens. The bottom tip of its vertical pole uses the pathway that yesterday was created by the insertion of the sword of truth in the lake. Keep lowering the ankh until its lower tip enters the bottom of the lake. The horizontal pole is at the level of the surface of the lake. Extending above the lake is about a 2,000 foot tall loop.

Have faith in integration. The gargantuan loop is like a satellite dish that receives its signals from above and transfers them out from the lake in all directions. Via this loop as a receiving and sending station, superconscious, Saturnian, sapphiric vibrations of faith fill and imbue the air. All light workers in Siberia resonate to and are uplifted by them, which unite them as one in the One. Those of the 144,000 elect in Siberia perceive and believe in their interconnectedness as one circuit.

We have faith in oneness. Siberia is one. Asia is one. Planetwide, we are one in the One. So it is.