Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

Update: 8.10.17 5:00 AM PDT

BZ’s summary of many conversation gathering dots and connecting the dots of things that are unfolding right now.– Because I am recounting what I have found from different phone calls, txts, skype etc. When I write, I am the main “voice” speaking, if there is a short message from another that is noted. Other wise its from my direct experience and recounting what was told directly to me.


I was nudged to Wake UP! At 5 am PDT this morning.

A comment on I UV came in 2 minutes later. This is the screen shot.


I emailed the person to get more data and while waiting for that started to dig into possible sources and connected “dots”

From that I found in that initial digging  VINE would have been the source.

I still had not heard back from commenter, but got on phone to call HATJ’s case manager.

Ms. Reid is no longer her case manager.

I was passed to H new case manager who is Mrs. Gabrielle Kenner.

I had long call w Mrs. Kenner her new case manager

H was moved to the RD: which is the Receiving and Discharging center.

I had a good connection with this woman on phone, not just the usual wrote answers to the 100′s of calls she gets. Gabrielle, said that H was transferred down to RD.

I asked what was the time stamp of that transfer on her inmate record screen/

She said 6:59 AM EDT

She said the system was not showing what exactly she was scheduled for.

I asked her Normally- for any other inmate that she is case manager for, would the screen she is looking at show her the dispensation of that inmate once the system said the inmate had been transferred to RD?

She said yes. If the inmate she was in charge of was transferred to RD once she was notified of that and looked in the system the RD- would tell her the specifics. She frowned and said, but now in H case it does not tell me anything-

there is no information on status.

so we will need to wait a bit and see.

she said I could keep in contact and follow up.

To me that is very telling and my feeling is H will be released. But since all of the old rules do not apply. Now that with H latest filling the Judicial system has been cancelled (yes it was before with original UCC filings. This document cancelled it with specificity and particularity.) The Judicial system is all electronic, meaning information/directives flow that way. Original flows through that electronic system giving the information/directives. This is what H and I were talking about on our recorded phone calls… About Original going in and updating/refreshing the data and overriding the Old system inputs.

The RD is where they are held before discharge. specifically discharge from that detention facility to—–

Gabrielle said if the inmate was scheduled for transfer to another jurisdiction- the system would specify that.

Now look back at the screen shot and the information that The System put out-

” HATHER TUCCI JARRAF, with the DCDC Number 360745, has been transferred from the Central Detention Facility to the Unknown.”

I can guarantee you, that is not part of the old system rules.

I also clarified this point with Gabrielle, H case manager. She said that the system would identify specifically where the transfer had been made to, as in another jurisdiction. But would not specify to whom, if H was picked up. And H would be given a chance to make 1 phone call to let me know where she was.

I received confirmation from Lisa, that “Russia” H inmate friend gave Lisa a quick call to say that H was moved from their floor down stairs to RD but did not know any more than that. This call was made at 9:49 AM EDT, as that was her earliest availability to call.

“Russia” said that H was moved downstairs at 5 AM EDT.

Remember that the system time stamp for H transfer to RD, was 6:59 AM EDT.

Snip of conversation in skype at this point-

BZ: Now I am working on reconnecting w Gabrielle for a status update via her internal screen.

there seems to be a coordinated effort of runn around…[a sense of confusion that what they are seeing is not the normal “script/storyline”] whether intentional or unintentional I have yet to get a clear read on.

Terran: Or there could be some high insider having a chat with her???

BZ: that is more my sense.

End snip


This is my sense because of the lag in time between when “Russia” had a visual that H was being moved to RD and noted time and Gabrielle stated, the system has the transfer time stamp.

In parallel to all of this I was also speaking with:

–the detention center liaisons who stated that, “She is still in this facility”

–the records department clerk who finally was communicative, not just “company line” said that the only thing the system was showing was that she was in Federal jurisdiction [that is the same jurisdiction she has been in since they have been holding H] and waiting in RD.

– the floor person at RD who said she was there and awaiting next move.

– the person who answered the phone number which was on the system alert about being moved to “The Unknown” which was supposed to be “the Department of Corrections’ Inmate Locator and Notification Coordinator” but the call went to Mr. Allen who is HR department.

Another snip of conversation in skype

Denice: I am getting that she needs to instruct them. Never been done before. No protocol.

Terran: Oh jeez more protocols

Denice: Lol no more prorocols. . the do not know what to do with her.

Terran: You mean the jailers?

Denice: The jailers in r & d

Terran: H will know what to do and say Might take bit and she might have to write up the piece of paper for them.

Denice: They rely on the computer to tell them what to do.

BZ: this is matching what I am finding out directly via phone from people with in the system.

End snip

If you focus/follow/see/connect the dots and what I have recounted here as to what I have experienced first hand you will see the old system is not running the computer screens and the “script” but Original.

I will keep you updated on what I see revealed next.


Update: 8.10.17 From BZ giving more Dots for you to “see” regarding HATJ where she is and what is transpiring.


HATJ is no longer in the custody of the DC detention facility.

HATJ is no longer in the DC District Court Jurisdiction.

HATJ is not in the East TN District Court Juristiction.

At approximately 2:50 PM EDT HATJ was picked up from the DC detention facility for transport and delivery to “Her next step” destination.

HATJ is safe.

HATJ is South SW of the Mason-Dixon Line.

HATJ is BEing and DOing what HATJ does best and has a lot to convey to both “local” and “non locals” involved in the current moment DOings.

All is Perfect and Perfectly done.

I want to  remind you of HATJ’s quote from our conversation the other night:
“Its not just one person its ALL of us Together.

 Its the most Unity. Its the most Awareness. And the most Utilization of Being Original. That has ever been experienced in ALL of Existence” 

I request you keep flowing the expansive energy and high vibration of love.

: -) BZ