Navy Sonar & Explosives Will Kill Marine Life: Help Save the Whales 

It’s my understanding that the death of thousands of  whales and dolphins to date is not simply collateral damage from weapons testing. These cetaceans and mammals are quite possibly higher beings incarnated here to assist Humanity at this critical time in our evolution.

One has to wonder why the US Navy would contemplate the destruction of valuable sea life that is part of the balance in nature unless they are lawless and intent on the purposeful destruction of all things good.

No doubt it is the dark aspect of the military that is conducting these “tests”—if indeed they are tests at alland I suspect the number 1,000 is drastically understated. Haven’t thousands of these creatures already died in the past few years?

Where we’re going, we will have no need of military might, weapons or strategic global power. Peace is our future.

You can sign the petition at the Source link.  ~ BP

The Navy is prepared to kill nearly 1,000 whales and other marine mammals during the next five years of testing and training with dangerous sonar and explosives. Tell Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to direct the Navy to adopt commonsense safeguards that will protect marine mammals during routine training without compromising military readiness.