Post image for Hidden Images in Quartz Crystal?

Ahmed Khochen from Lebanon sent us photos of this artifact revealing faces of ancient gods hidden in this crystal’s etchings…

This 11 kg quartz rock was found in a copper bearing tourmaline * mine in Nigeria.

* Tourmaline is an extremely complex borosilicate that occurs in every color; more than 100 colors and still counting!  Therefore a range of chemical compositions occur; also many individual crystals show zones of multiple colors. Tourmaline crystals are prismatic and may be 3,6 or 9 sided; the faces of the triangular prisms are often convex.  Crystals look like long rods often multi-colored with pronounced striations along the length. Multiple crystals often grow side by side.

The quartz rock ( formed millions of years ago ) has naturally etched patterns embedded within its surface ( it was not drawn on then etched by humans) covering area about 15-20 cm only on 4 sides.

The pattern seems to encode more than 70 different faces and other images (e.g.  arabic words).  Note: most images are revealed with help of a mirror.

Many of the faces resemble  gods from old civilization (e.g. Sumerian – such Baal and Lilith/Ishtar).  Some of these patterns look like  faces of  Lizard or mantis type aliens.

Do you think these are random patterns that resemble faces with (smoke and) mirrors? Or there is something more mysterious to it?