7 Steps: 5 – Thy Will Be Done

Posted: 02 Jan 2014 08:05 AM PST

hilarion and wifeAfter a couple days of sitting in the Silence, we shift our focus to seeking, knowing and doing the will of our Father-Mother Creator. To do so, we breathe in the faith, will and power of the First Ray, whose color is blue. Thy will be done.

Typically, given the 12 powers approach, the characteristic of will is correlated primarily with the respiratory system, via which we breathe in air and its oxygen. Using this metaphor or symbol, we breathe in the will of God, even as we breathe in air via our respiratory system.

For our new version of seeking and doing God’s will this new year, we are going to focus on all three powers or aspects of the First Ray: faith, will and power, whose corresponding colors in the 12 powers approach are royal blue, sky blue and aqua; thus all shades of blue. We are going to “breathe in” and activate and apply all of these three powers.

Consider this: Only when we have faith in God can we truly choose to breathe in His-Her will. Without faith in our Father-Mother Creator, why would we even bother to seek His-Her guidance? So, in this sense, seeking God’s will always begins with faith. In the 12 powers approach, faith expresses primarily in the physical body in the cerebrum of the brain.

Once we know God’s will for us, He-She always supplies the power to carry out and enact this will, to put it into action. Do we not commonly talk, for example, about willpower, thus putting will and power together? So, faith, will and power in this view are three parts of one continuum that we refer to as the First Ray.

Visualization: Place yourself inside a tube of light that is about six feet in diameter and that extends from the ground high up into the atmosphere. It is via this towering tube that you “breathe” in the faith-will-power of God. The tube also protects you from any unwanted intrusion of the so-called dark forces, those folks on earth and in the astral planes who are self-willed and selfish. You also may want to think of the tube as a huge hieronics spacebeam that comes down from one of the etheric masterships in the highest etheric realms.

Affirm: I have faith in God. This lifts your attention up the tube to the Higher Power and Its cosmic agents in the higher planes. Next, affirm: I have the faith of God and my God Self. Notice the subtle shift that takes place when go from placing your faith in God into knowing that you have the faith of God. This shift or ascension is the first step in seeking and working with the First Ray.

Breathe in the will of God: With abundant, abiding faith, breathe in the will of God. Already you have the faith that God’s will is good will, and that He-He wishes to give you the kingdom. Therefore, when you breathe in, have full confidence that something of great good is about to enter into your mind, heart, soul and body.

Visualize: Begin by seeing blue light descending from above, down through the tube, into your brain, down to your throat, and into your lungs. This is the blue fire of God’s good will that inspires you to take your next step. Breathe in His-Her good will, that flows like cosmic oxygen into your entire respiratory system, and is distributed from there to the rest of your body.

Shift your focus and think of God’s good will already being all around you, just as air is always around you. It does not just descend from above to below, but rather it is already here. So, when you breathe in, think of omnipresent blue light seeping and flowing not only into your nose, sinuses, trachea and lungs, but also into your brain, your eyes, your heart and every part of you. God’s will seeps into and pours through every pore and cell of your body. You light up with the fire of God’s good light that reveals His-Her will to you.

Focus on divine power: In the ongoing process of First Ray infusion, the aspect of power now comes to your attention. With the fire of God’s will that lifts you into higher consciousness comes His-Her power to do all the things that He-She would have you do. Physically, when oxygen suffuses from the lungs and into the blood stream, it is transported to every cell and organ of the body, including the muscles, which provides the oxidative energy that powers all muscular action and movements.

Affirm: I do all things by having Spirit do them in and through me. Feel the surge of what Mahatma Ghandi called satyagraha or truth force, which is the divine power to do all things God would have us do to uplift ourselves, others and all kingdoms.

Be three-in-one: Let go now of your focus on the individual three steps. Simply focus on breathing in the First Ray. Let it happen in an integrated, organic, flowing process. Affirm: Thy faith, will and power be done.

Be blue: Realize that the First Ray of God is flowing in and through and expressing as you, thereby initiating the birth of your I Am Self and light body. So be it.

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