Posted: 17 Sep 2013 11:33 AM PDT

To perceive pink power that transmutes ourselves, others and the planet, visualize a pink ankh. See it and be in its pink power. Be pink Creative Energy that transforms all life, within and without.

Here’s what Nada-Yolanda received from John Mark on August 2, 1961, in regard to the ankh or crux ansata (a cross with a loop as its upper vertical arm):

“The crux ansata cross has not been only of this civilization’s period of time, but predates any use upon the Earth planet. It goes back into other-planetary history, particularly Saturnian. In the Saturian Council, which is the seat of interplanetary government, this is the symbol used by the heads of the Council for utilizing the power of Creative Energy, the eternal or everlasting Father-Mother God, manifesting into a single or individual manifestation.

“This is the origin, received of course from the interplanetary parliament during the time of Atlantis when there was a fair amount of interplanetary communication, and then carried into Egypt by those who did inhabit that land from the Atlantean fall. It will be found in Lemurian history and in all ancient and conquering civilizations, from one era or phase to another.”

Visualization: Surround yourself in a cocoon of Christ light that protects and uplifts you. Be one with your own indwelling I Am Self. See this high Self or light body in the form of a pink ankh that descends from the heavens, under the guidance of the angels and masters of the Hierarchal Board or Saturnian Council. Call upon Archangel Chamuel and Lord Lanto of the Third Ray to guide the descent of your pink Creative Energy that is of the Godhead.

The bottom of the vertical pole enters into the central top region of your head, travels down through the middle of your two cerebral hemispheres, passes through the thalamus and hypothalamus in the middle of your head, exits the base of the skull, passes down to and through the base of your spine, and anchors into the ground below you.

See the oval or loop at the top of the ankh as surrounding your entire head. Your face/head is in the center of this loop, fully encased by it. The horizontal cross bar is at your throat area and the area between and extending beyond your two shoulders.

Be in the pink! Be infused and surrounded in pink. Feel the power of this pink Third Ray to transmute your blood and transform it into Christ love flow. Whatever fear, worry, selfishness, anxiety, shame, guilt or separation you feel, let it be transmuted and uplifted in the pink light of the Third Ray. Be pink. Be powerfully and creatively pink. Be your Self, your own unique, personal individualization of God Who embodies His-Her love in and through you.

Once you feel yourself in the pink, shift your focus to  the Teton Mountains in northwest Wyoming, the appoximate center of the Temple of Venus that comes under the Third Ray. See one of the Teton peaks before you. Above it, as guided by a host of angels, multiple ascended masters, space brothers and sisters, and higher astral plane guides including Amerindians, see a huge pink ankh descending from the heavens to the mountain’s top. The pink ankh represents the Temple of Venus, redescending to and taking on individualized form on earth.

TetonPinkAnkhThe bottom of the vertical pole of the ankh anchors into the top of one of the Teton pinnacles. It then descends down through the middle of the mountain, until it is firmly anchored in the base of it. The cross bar of the ankh is at the mountain’s top, and the oval sets upon it. The pink power of the Temple of Venus is now established on earth, in the earth, into the very elements of the earth.

The loop of the ankh serves as a receiving and sending tower or antenna. It receives the pink emanations of the Third Ray forces who radiate their personal love to it. Then it sends out this pink energy in all directions, imbuing the whole region for hundreds and even a thousand or more miles with pink light. The Grand Tetons are now grandly and gloriously in the pink. So we see it. So it is.

from Healing Haven under Hilarion