Interesting read on how to convince the public the President is god and to worship him…-A.M.

 obama-caesar-200by Yukon Jack


The Twentieth Century saw the rise of the superstate and they employment of mass mind control like never seen before. What is going on, why is the state so concerned about controlling the mass mind, is it really only money and power or is there something more devious? Having everything is not enough, the ultimate aphrodisiac is to rule as a god. The ruling class seeks to recreate the mind control effects of religious programming substituting a new program, one that makes them gods, the masters of infinity are attempting to be the masters of your mind. Already they are applying advanced mind control programs in the mass media like the War of Terror based on the 911 false flag and Global Warming cargo cult that awaits the return of warming.

How About a Deity for President?

For the last couple of decades the media has been portraying Presidents as saintly figures, in numerous photo ops the President is show with a halo, photographers carefully choreograph to portray the President as a high spiritual being. Numerous commentators have noted that in a dictatorship when you can’t convince the citizens with logic or reason hit them with a deity. You will obey because you believe.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels good to be king, if they would only believe in me then I could lead them to the promised land of collectivism.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it feels good to be king, if they would only believe in me then I could lead them to the promised land of collectivism.

Obama is the first leader to appear out of nowhere (like a god) and then become a god amongst men. He believes but do you? Obama appeared as a savior during the induced trauma and emotional crisis of the Bush-Cheney years, like Jesus, he comforted the masses with his change rhetoric. The population was traumatized by the illegal and immoral wars and were ready for a change, the change candidate was dangled like a marionette in front of the masses, hypnotizing many, who fell in a deep trance, many have yet to awaken.

Obama did change things, for the worse, we were fooled again. The man has little talent except being somewhat convincing reading from a teleprompter. Jesus is being weaponized, the ruling class is now presenting us with highly groomed cutouts who will do their bidding. The problem is their proteges are not very convincing, they went live with their presidential robot project and we didn’t get hooked. Even though many sheeple are greatly dumbed down, they aren’t buying the Presidential savior meme. The controllers are missing something in their formulations, maybe they need more cowbell, they need to induce more trauma. I am afraid that they will be forced to do nuclear false flags in order to push the collective consciousness to the point that they will become true believers in the savior meme.

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