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Steve busy pondering on tachyon and scalar wave inventionsIronically, just a couple of months before Camelot’s Awake and Aware conference last week, my latest book (in-progress After Contact and Conflict) took an unexpected turn – into a phenomenal scale of remote sensing across double horizons in time. More about that in a moment, but after watching the conference panel on youtube I was reminded of the recently released 1964 George Van Tassel video in which he earnestly and straightforwardly notes that black budget research was looking at a formula for viewing back in time.Van Tassel said an e.t. told US researchers that it can be written: F = 1/t

That is to say, frequency is equal to 1 divided by time. That closely resembles Bearden’s relationship between electromagnetism (light) and electrogravity (also known as scalars, or zero point energy). *Many people use the word “gravitics" as shorthand for it all.

What does that mean? It would mean that frequency and time show the same reciprocal relationship that light and gravitics show. If Van Tassel was honest, they’re part of the same relationship. But how could that be? The nature and structure of time would only be a matter of how we define our observation of time. For example, if the 1 in that equation is a short distance, the equation can look at a mere radio wave. But if the 1 of the equation is the entire universe, it poses scalar frequencies that nearly instantly resonate across the entirety (in different gravitic shells, or parameters). If Van Tassel is correct, we’re swimming in a scalar sea of present and future time essentially resonating all around us.

That’s probably true, given what we know about scalars (gravitics). As Naval Surface Weapons physicist Eldon Byrd, PhD noted, scalars can resonate from any location to any vastly distant location nearly instantly. So, in remote sensing your mind’s scalars can resonate across vast distances nearly instantly. Consider the following: the mere 20-80 light year radius bubble of space that normal light information has expanded into during your lifetime can be criss-crossed nearly instantly, by scalars. In other words, scalars (gravitics) can greatly exceed or encompass and nearly instantly probe the space of your past (or a distant past that vastly exceeds your lifetime!) That’s because that light speed bubble of “space-time” is nested inside that larger scalar bubble of “time-space.

That’s easy to see. We know alien technology can do some of this, but forget about technology for now (to be slave to technology is to be slave to technology that gray alignment aliens barter for advantage here). Your mind can easily resonate across great distances and across the strange structuring of time therein, including the past (perhaps some of the future, also). You don’t need technology to do that.

Let’s see see how science would plug Van Tassel’s relationship into another of Bearden’s equations.

Remember Bearden’s equation, E = ∆t c2 All it means is that energy (i.e. in gravitic fluctuations) is equal to a change in time multiplied by c2 (c squared, that is) In other words, gravitics cause a hyper-folding of time, a more elastic speeding or slowing of time. But in a larger sense that isn’t merely present time because it drops you into a deeper scalar universe in which time and the universe cycles back into itself.

So, let’s see how Bearden and Van Tassel map onto each other (basic relationships, not just math).

E = ∆t c2
F = 1 / t

Like when you used to stack algebra equations to compare them, we see that energy and frequency are obviously related (“frequency" means the amount of energy, so for now that eliminates the need to spend time on the c2 at the end). That leaves us looking at the t, or time in both equations. In short, Bearden’s elastic change of time ( ∆t ) somehow divides, or resonates into the whole universe. Scalars happen due to a kind of nearly instant resonance on an entire universal scale. Weird, but it makes sense.

Back up there at the end of Bearden’s equation, the c2 (c squared) simply points to the size of the bubble of space that gravitics resonate into (because it’s squared it occupies volume). Since that bubble of space is the entire universe in Van Tassel’s equation, that means we could effectively shift time locations (or at least observe them) by varying the integrals (the distance) between the universe and the two shells of space (the present, and the past) that we’re looking at. To make that more visual, imagine that using the mind’s scalars (by simply converging and canceling out brain energy then contouring it) we simply change the moduli, which are something like the phase waves (instantaneous fluctuations) that nearly instantly resonate back from the larger universe when we resonate both the present and any past time we choose.

Let’s paint a picture that a five year old could understand. To do scalars in the mind, once you’ve done the half-flip and half-spin of the energy field in the central parts of your brain (which converges energy from all directions, canceling it out), you then use the larger envelope of your brain to contour a small segment of a curve that, if extended far out into space, would curve far out and back around like a giant bubble that contains both the present and the past. The trick is to then pull on the larger universe while you do that and it instantly varies the larger universal envelope so that weirdly looped phase waves keep you connected to that (slightly fluctuating) past.

So, that’s it, in a nutshell. This is good for remotely sensing/viewing the past. An actual physical visit would be another subject (beyond me, if not dangerous, say some aliens). So called Haven aliens in Alec Newald’s book Coevolution said they experimented with time travel but it was dangerous because some of them got lost in the dislocation of causation. Older aliens called Verdants told Krapf they, themselves, can’t do time travel. Advanced aliens in my contacts have clearly, unmistakeably gone out of their way to refer to some minor future events that later occurred. I can see that they can easily resonate into that parameter, somehow (to view it, at least). However, like some of the Awake and Aware (time travel) panelists said a few days ago, we have to ACTIVELY achieve a good future, rather than assume it will merely happen.