saint_germainThe upgraded Merkabah or the Merkana – which is located in everybody’s body alongside
their “Heavenly Father Fragment” in the person’s High Heart ( The Thymus Gland ) is how
Elija teleported himself to Heaven in the Bible…
One uses the telekinesis “Power Spot” in the Nap of One’s Neck to send a telepathic
signal to the Merkana that it should Awaken – One should at that time see; in One’s
Mind’s Eye – the golden symbol in the attached picture of St Germain – Then One simply
closes One’s Eyes for a second; and pictures a Destination – when One’s eye’s re-open
One would be at that Destination !!!  If one simply wishes to do “Remote Viewing”  One
sits in a comfortable chair and projects the Merkana in front of their stomach; and then
visualizes a “double” of themselves standing in the Merkana – and visualizes where you
wish to send “yourself”  and you would be in two places at once…
These techniques are difficult in 3D and when we are all in 5D with Ascended Gaia in
6 months – everyone can be taught this skill…
Heru Paule LeBreton ( My Photo also attached )