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Sunday evening, a weird sky phenomenon broke up the monotony of a small Maya Town as a huge object, thought to be a fireball, lit up the skies over the town of Ichmul in southern Yucatan at around 8:30 PM local time.

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The falling object was accompanied by a strong thundering noise and a loud blast when it crashed onto the ground. The crash was followed by flashing blue hazes and a power outage. Than flames were observable until approximately 2 AM at the object’s landing site. The sky phenomenon was also observed in Saban, Quintana Roo, San Francisco, and Peto Chikindzonot township.

What was this bright object falling from the sky?

As you can imagine, people got totally scared by this strange light phenomenon: flaming object falling from the sky, thundering noise, blue haze, power outage, fire and so on…

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