Hurricane Michael Recovery….

For those who know the stages of hurricane recovery, specifically in the deep southeast and Florida region, there is no needed explanation for the importance of this video and the subsequent joy.


For those who don’t know – this convoy means the catastrophic stages of rescue work and the painstaking process of going block by block therein is complete.  People are now safe. Primary arteries are clear.  Massive numbers of power crews are working to rebuild the grid; tens of thousands of tons of debris being removed. [Much of what is now called “debris” represents the cherished belongings of thousands of lives.]

Now it’s time to try and restore some sense of normalcy for those who have been so incredibly impacted, and commit to a long-term rebuilding process. For many outsiders it’s just an innocuous convoy; yet for others it represents a purposeful recovery phase where we have counted our blessings and live thankfully, neighbor-to-neighbor, hand-in-hand, in fellowship.